BAKO small-pitch LED screen light up shenzhen eco-tech park meeting room


Recently, BAKO Nest Series P1.6 indoor HD small-pitch LED display settled in Shenzhen Bay Ecological Technology Park.


Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Ecological Park is located in the core area of the High-tech Zone . In the construction of the park under the background of the new smart city, it pays great attention to maintaining the ecological harmony of the surrounding communities, and will build a green technology system in all directions to ensure the low consumption, low emission, high performance and high comfort of the park.


The LED display solution of the Science and Technology Ecological Park meeting room adopts the BAKO Bird Nest series 1.6 mm small pitch products. The project's LED display creates an environment of life and harmony with an excellent audiovisual experience, making the meeting more efficient. It also adds a sense of technology and culture to the park.


BAKO P1.6 small-pitch LED display products use high-definition, seamless technology, the image is clear and realistic, rejecting the splitting of the screen, and the fine-grained content such as icons, lines, and running graphs are displayed without loss, effectively overcoming the data display, command and dispatch. misjudgment of information.

Standard HD display, large viewing angle

Standard indoor display ratio, excellent visual comfort ; 160 degrees viewing angle with  large visual range, even if the participants sit in the non-dominant position of the conference room, they will not miss the details of the picture.


High gray and low light, vivid showing effect

Wide color gamut, accurately restore picture color, high gray level and high refresh rate, ensure stable and delicate picture quality, smooth and realistic display effect, no ripple, no flicker , soft and full picture, participants will not be tired for a long time.


High precision and easy installation

Die-cast aluminum cabinet that processed by CNC high-density . high impact stength . no fan with nature heat sink design, no noise operation . 90-degree folding handle for lifting of the box. When assembling the box, fold the handle. It is easy to operate


 Good quality and competitive price 

Top configuration with high-quality lamps and high refresh ICs. Keep full functions of small-pitch products with extremely competitive price in the industry 


Thickness 53mm, weight of each cabinet only 6KG, perfectly to assembly 70’’、140’’、210’’ HD LED TV and so on 

As the leader of 55-inch small-pitch LED TVs in China, BAKO Optoelectronics has the unique technical advantages of R&D for production of LED small-pitch display.


The small spacing of the Bird -Nest series has passed the rigorous market test, Stable and reliable quality, it is widely used in large and medium-sized conference rooms and other place which requiring high-definition display . 

The display control system of BAKO conference room supports all dynamic data graphical visual display, which can full display and switch to display various information of the business system, analyzing the running status of the whole system, and provide intuitive and efficient modern means for meeting decision makers.

In addition, BAKO LED display with long lifetime, low power consumption and easy maintenance, will create continuous value and splendor in future.