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top led display manufacturer/supplies china

As a professional LED display manufacturer, BAKO has developed from a small workshop to a professional L E D display supplier. More than 100 countries has witnessed BAKO&rs...


Shenzhen city to promote the application of LED lighting products exchange will

Author: Zhu Yijie recently, the Shenzhen city to promote the application of LED lighting products work training seminar held in the Civic Center, alliance analysts in...


Stability and persistence of power supply for solar photovoltaic LED lighting

solar photovoltaic LED lighting power supply stability and persistence of Peng Weiqian Shenzhen Ming Electric Co., Ltd. Objective: along with the people of lighting ...


LED lighting energy saving output value will increase by 30% the government will

2 17, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of industry and information, Ministry of finance, Ministry of housing and...


LED display, Xincheng royal garden open

recently, with Taizhou Hin, royal garden sales center opening of the pre-sale, Ding Yuan in the construction of the sales center creative led full-color display along wi...


LED the prospect is bright or dark?

Dongguan Xianglong Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection research and development, design, production and after-sales service and one of the national high and new t...


LED lamps and lanterns testing standards increased market showing the survival o

because of the semiconducting properties of the LED lamps and lanterns, it with the traditional light source in the luminous flux, color has great difference, at this s...


LED unique characteristics of the rapid development of

science and technology progress and constantly promote the development of lighting lamps, LED lamps and lanterns with, energy saving, stable, long life, no pollution and...


Features and advantages of LED soft lamp strip

A, pure color: LED soft lamp strip with high brightness SMD LED as the light emitting element, therefore has the advantages of LED light emitting element,


LED lamp strip quality identification

for consumers who do not understand the LED lamp, the lamp is good or bad is also a big problem, the following is the LED light of the -shinmi light for everyone t...


Operation LED display notes

source: http://www.hbrcled.com at present, with the development of LED display industry China increasing in Hebei, LED large screen display the city streets and lanes slow...


LED "biological safety standards" and then lead the house

lighting is the face of people, to stress the light effect, but must first talk about the quality of light, especially for the safety of people. & mdash; & ldquo; fu...


LED lighting industry base firmly in the domestic market demand potential

since 2012 the global LED general lighting development rapidly, many countries introduced relevant policies to promote its application, China introduced a series of LED li...


The six advantages of GU10 LED in the United States and the United States electr

Should LED brand of GU10|LED GU10 | beauty electronic LED GU10 has increasingly appeared in people's field of vision, especially in home decoration, office lighting, factor...


LED display

LED display display led led the English abbreviation, referred to as LED. It is a way to control the display of light emitting diodes, which probably is composed of a...