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  • BAKO outdoor P8 SMD LED Screen Located in Germany

  • BAKO P1.6 front service small pitch led display new cases in Shenzhen

  • Outdoor high refresh P16 LED display located in Thailand

  • BAKO the latest case in Austria of outdoor P10 led screen with CE certification

  • Diamond Series -Outdoor Rental LED Screen in South Africa

  • BAKO Outdoor P12.8SMD LED Screen in Asia

  • BAKO rental led screen p6.25 in China

  • BAKO HD Indoor P3 LED Screen in Dongguan

  • BAKO Indoor small pitch led screen P2.5 in China

  • BAKO indoor rental LED sreen P4.81 in China

  • BAKO Diamond Series-P4.81LED Screen in China

  • BAKO Diamond Series-P3.91 LED Screen in China