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How to protect the LED screens from wet weather

From: Data:27/03/2017

It always rains a lot in spring. So Shenzhen BAKO Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd, will tell the way to protect the screens from the wet weather.
These problems may happen if the led screens do not get good protection during raining days: 1.Power supplies get burn more easily; if the water stay on the module for long time, the leds legs and other electronic components will be corroded. Then you may see your screen do not work normally.
So lets see how to protect the indoor led screens and outdoor led screens.
一. For indoor led screens, the air humidity is lower than outside, so it seems easier, but still need to pay attention to this ,and the following ways below will help you:
1. Moderate Ventilation. Moderate ventilation can help quickly evaporate the water vapor attached to the display, reducing the relative humidity of the indoor environment. But to avoid ventilation in some windless and humid weather, this will increase the indoor humidity.
2. In the indoor desiccant, with physical moisture absorption method to reduce the moisture in the air, indoor dry, and do not have to worry about the display damp.
3. Open air conditioning for dehumidification, if there is an air condition installed.
二.Waterproof is most important for outdoor led screens.
Outside environment is more complicated than indoor., of course, can also take similar measures to control the wet problem, but the outdoor screen not only this, but also do waterproof, dust and other routine maintenance work. A good seal installation Can help the display to reduce the risk of water, regularly clean the display attached to the external dust, can help the display better heat, reduce the water vapor attached.