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Outdoor advertizing display screens and traffic hazards

From: Data:01/04/2017

I have been to several countries to participate in LED exhibition, it is strange to find that some countries of the government is not allowed to use LED outdoor advertising screen. The reason is the traffic safety hazard. Therefore I felt it imperative to write this article with comments and background information. Traffic situation is bad everywhere. Too many people, too many children, too many cars – that accurately describes any large city. Emergencies, state visits, road repairs, bad weather make this situation even worse. Who is to blame? Typically, people start searching for a scapegoat. And find it at once: outdoor advertising is responsible for it all.

Typically, advertising in city streets means additional revenue to city budgets, lively business in the neighborhood, cleaner and brighter environment. To some cities this also translates into better city image, well lit streets and additional tourism. No doubt, advertising must be carefully controlled, not to turn streets into uniform tunnels of advertising boards. However, this never happens. In fact, outdoor advertizing display screens indirectly help to reduce the number of boards in the vicinity; no static image bears comparison with animated commercial.
In short spells that we are not driving but walking around cities, advertising is not a annoying but a welcome distracting factor. After all it does provide information, useful or not, in time periods when we are not preoccupied with other things.
Naturally, modern driver is subject to numerous stresses. With heavy city traffic driver’s attention must be glued to the road. But the driver is obligated to pay attention to numerous road and informational signs that are lit in the evening time. Thus, any driver gets used to seeing everything, focusing on what’s essential and disregarding what’s not. Advertising, including outdoor digital screens and displays, remains in the peripheral vision, unless a driver finds himself in a traffic jam with some time to spare.
The number of outdoor screens around the world is steadily growing: New York – 20, Chicago – 60, Las Vegas – 100, Seoul – 90, San Paolo – 50, Tokyo – 50, London – 7, Moscow – 7. Even the conservative Europe has recognized the advantages of electronic (digital) outdoor advertising; displays and screens are being installed there regularly. Similar to neon signs, outdoor advertizing screens are bright and are better seen – therefore, screens are winners! To try and stop the trend is unreasonable, especially for those who know how to make business and attract investments.
The outdoor advertizing screens and displays will continue to be build and installed around the world. Digital outdoor screens are symbols of new developments and changes for the better. The trend is unstoppable.