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BAKO SPACESHIP SEREIS new design creates a new era for outdoor fixed installatio

From: Data:06/11/2017

BAKO introduced the new design of SPACESHIP SERIES, which will innovate the traditional outdoor fixed installation advertising LED display.

SPACESHP SEREIS is BAKO’s another innovative design after DIAMOND SERIES. it will become another star product for outdoor fixed installation advertising LED display. For the traditional outdoor advertising LED display designs, they are heavy and ugly. However, BAKO’s SPACESHIP SEREIS die-casting aluminum design changed all the disadvantages, making it a revolution for outdoor advertising LED display.
Let’s have a look at the features of the SPACESHIP SEREIS design.
1)    High Precision. Both module frame and cabinet are applied with die-casting aluminum. The tolerant errer is as low as 0.05mm, which can assure the good precision of even small pitch. So we can make sure that even P2.6’s connection is also perfect.
2)    Low Weight. For the size of 1024mm* 768mm, single cabinet of SPACESHIP SEREIS is only 24KGS while iron cabinet’s weight is 55 KG.
3)    Good Heat Dissipation. Since we apply die-casting aluminum for both module frame and cabinet, SPACESHIP SERIES’  heat dissipation is 60 times of regular iron case. So even for the harsh environment like high temperature, the display can still run well.
4)    Full series’ certificates applied. SPACHISHIP SERIES already passed some important certificates like CE, ROHS, CCC, UL, ETC etc. This is good assurance for quality.
5)    Full pixel pitches available: we have full pixels from small to big. They are P2.6, P3.2, P4, P5.35, P6.4, P8, P10.66, P12.8 and P16.So we offer a wide range for clients to choose the most suitable one.
6)Power and data back-up. The SPACESHIP SERIES support both power and data back-up. Even one power or data connection is broken, it will not affect the display’s running.
7)Both front and rear service available. For P6.4 and bigger pitches, both front and rear service are ok.
8)It can be used as perimeter LED display. With the same cabinet design ,we can also use it as sports perimeter LED display with special support structure.
9) Attractive appearance. The cabinet design comes from the spaceship, giving people the opinion of beautiful and high-level product.
10)Longer life span. With the above features, longer life span is no longer a doubt.