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The lighting industry charm? Hunan girl to give up 300 thousand annual salary se

From: Data:17/03/2016

Southern Metropolis Daily News, female white-collar easy Zhenlan two years ago decided to quit his annual salary of nearly 300 thousand yuan, opened a lighting shop in Tunchang, now her business burgeoned. In June 13th, she told reporters: "I am 40 years old, do not want to work for others, just want to do what I love to do, round the dream, but also can help those local employment, I am very happy!" who would have thought, carefree life of her own career in order to adhere to, give up 24 years of marriage.

June 13th in the afternoon, the reporter walked into the scorching sun Tunchang County in central Hainan city building "new space" lighting lighting shop, store layout, fresh and warm, as Madame Yi Zhenlan’s character. Easy Zhenlan 48 years old, skin white, looks very young. She smiled busy with another wave of customers. "Lian Qiongzhong, Ding’an residents I come here to buy a lamp, the business day, I play really happy!" Yi Zhenlan Tunchang business for 2 years, slowly tasted the sweetness.

Yi Zhenlan is a Hunan girl, after graduating from college in 1989, engaged in real estate and other industries. In 1993 she became Shenzhen, settled in Shenzhen. "Fortunately I was buying a listing Corporation in Shenzhen IPO, appreciation after the shot earned about 1000000 yuan, I spent 400 thousand yuan bought a suite in Shenzhen, now has risen to about 3000000 yuan." Yi Zhenlan said, in 2004 she returned to his hometown in Hunan, a group finance director, the annual salary of about 200000 yuan. She is very strong, with a pioneering spirit, work at the same time do not forget to "charge", read at the Hunan University MBA master of business administration.

at the end of 2011, the construction of Hainan international tourism island is like a raging fire, Yi Zhenlan echocardiography, resigned and come to Hainan. She went to central Hainan (Tun Chang) Home Furnishing building materials city when the deputy general manager, the annual salary of 300 thousand yuan.

building materials city has shown good momentum of development and the development potential is huge, easy Zhenlan entrepreneurship inner passion. "I am 40 years old, do not want to work for others, just want to do what I love to do." In June 2013, she decided to resign from the position of deputy general manager of building materials City, in the city building rented 3 layer for more than 900 square meters of shops, invested nearly 2 million yuan to open a "new space" lighting shop. In October of that year, the opening of new stores, but the business is deserted. "Difficult business, not a boss the boss did not know the difficulty. I do the senior management personnel, advice, make a decision to do the program, is the boss. When make a decision after the boss is its own thing, wrong to lose money. When the pressure, I worry about every day, night can’t sleep, also want to drive the old how to profit, because of inattention, within a year of a car accident 5 times, there is a very serious, my car repairs spent 100 thousand yuan." Slowly familiar with the lighting market, the monthly turnover of about 300000 yuan, building materials city drives our business to make money." Yi Zhenlan’s smile became sad.