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Zhuhai LED street reconstruction, the completion of the tender bid of PHILPS

From: Data:17/03/2016

following the November 2013 Zhuhai completed the transformation of public green lighting LED lamp project after the two phase of the project is about to start. It is reported that two LED lamps procurement and installation of the bidding work has been completed, four LED light bid purchasing order with local enterprises and production enterprises accounted for three.

it is understood that the two phase of renovation project of Zhuhai public green lighting LED lamp relates to the city’s 421 Road, will be a total transformation of about 37 thousand lamps, a total investment of about 160 million yuan, plus the district itself is responsible for the transformation of the street, the two phase of the project to transform the street light about 60 thousand. Prior to this, the street a project on the part of the main city of the region 241 road of street lamp relates to about 27 thousand, including road grade road, main road, secondary road and branch, including lamps and lamp type lamp, the static total investment of 88 million 914 thousand and 400 yuan, has completed the transformation from the end of 2013, after the transformation of annual electricity for 12 million 816 thousand and 200 kwh, energy-saving rate of 65.25%.

it is reported that the two phase of the project transformation include Lovers Road, Ning Xi Road, before crossing the road interchange to the mountain lake district and the municipal road, is divided into four sections of tenders. Guangdong Elec-Tech electrical Limited by Share Ltd, Zhuhai Special Economic Zone PHILPS home appliance Co. Ltd., China Zhuhai huaermei Lighting Co., Ltd. and other four companies were awarded a bid to four.

insiders pointed out that, in addition to energy-saving emission reduction, an important goal of stimulating the development of LED industry is the transformation of the LED street lamp. According to the relevant regulations, renovation project products used must be my LED benchmark system recommended directory products, under the same conditions, give priority to the procurement of products of local enterprises, but also for stimulating local LED industrial development considerations.