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ROEN wallpaper 20 anniversary of the occupation of the country more than a hundr

From: Data:21/04/2016

many well-known brands have long started to build brand image and expand the visibility through the high speed rail. ROEN wallpaper industry. The year 2014, waiting for the car Hall of the best position in the most developed city Chinese high-speed rail station in Guangzhou South Railway Station, ShangHai HongQiao Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station, WuHan Railway Station, Shenyang North Railway Station, can see ROEN wallpaper ad 2015 2014, successful experience, high iron advertising based on the ROEN 20 anniversary birthday wallpaper marketing climax, is still high iron

now advertising! The main rail station LED on the big screen, ROEN gorgeous debut, big action is the most solemn memorial to their 20 year old! This high-speed rail advertising is part of ROEN to commemorate the 20 anniversary of the launch activities, covering the main city such as Shanghai Hongqiao high speed rail station, Beijing South Railway Station, Hangzhou East Railway Station, WuHan Railway Station and other key line the city also contains the Baoding east station, Wuxi east station, Jilin Railway Station, Qufu city station. Coincides with the eleven golden week, if you take the high-speed rail travel, eleven holidays will have a beautiful ROEN wallpaper travel companions.

2014 "WuHan Railway Station" high speed rail station when advertising real.Jpg

high iron "Shenyang North Railway Station waiting room" advertising real.Jpg

high iron "ShangHai HongQiao Railway Station waiting room" advertising real.Jpg

high-speed rail Beijing South Railway Station waiting hall "" hanging flag advertising real.Jpg

high-speed rail station LED

high-speed rail station real advertising LED

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