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The breakdown of LED lighting industry "1, 2, 3, 4, 5

From: Data:28/04/2016

for LED lighting, go to today this step can be said to be unexpected, but from the development of the industry but is reasonable, LED lighting should is the brainchild of development, but don’t want to by the interception of the market, also be regarded as a road winding through the years, especially for LED lighting manufacturers, this experience more profound, in the future development, LED lighting or so?

1 era

if the incandescent lamp lit up in twentieth Century, then LED will illuminate the twenty-first Century. In October 2014, Akasaki Yong, Nakamura Shuji Amano Hirowa and other 3 scientists because of the invention of "high brightness blue light-emitting diode" won the Nobel prize in physics. Driven by the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, the development of LED lighting is bright and beautiful. From the current point of view, such popularity rate improved rapidly, but traditional lamps and lanterns in the terminal application and manufacturing accounts for the proportion is still great, enterprise in product development and business still with very clear and profound traditional lighting brand of the times, and these in 2015 get greatly improved, and usher in a new era.

2 trend

. The world economy is from slow growth, gradual recovery, Internet, 3D printing and other new technologies, new applications for global brought new economic growth point, which especially with U.S. performance prominent. According to statistics, in 2014 the United States GDP growth of 2.6%, is expected to reach 3.3% in 2015.. On the other hand, China’s economy from high-speed growth to high-speed growth, GDP growth rate from the original two to the current 7%. Although the slowdown in GDP growth, but compared with other developed countries, still maintained a high level, and in the railway, urban construction, the country will continue to invest trillions of funds for development. Therefore, the overall economic situation is not so good, but also not imagined so pessimistic. The characteristics of

3 direction

is semiconductor technology continues to increase, in the aspects of substrate, the three materials of silicon substrate, Gan and sapphire coexist; in the chip, chip, flip chip both, but flip chip will more hasten is popular; in the package, CSP chip scale package technology quietly rising, and these technology changes, more perfect play led. Two is to LED light source as the center, "1+N" form will appear. Led not only a lamp, it will become a platform can be used for optical communication, can also be connected with a video camera, solar energy, such as display devices, and when led all links, will also bring more high added value. Three is Matthew effect will be further revealed, the strong Yu Qiang, the weaker the weaker. However, with the mobile phone, home appliances, IT and other industries are different, because of its products, industry characteristics, small businesses will still have a living space.

4 big breakthrough

one is the width, that is, the breakthrough in thinking. LED can not always stay in the level of substitution, we must from the big picture, in beyond the, strengthen innovation and R & D in the "pan" of LED lighting. Two is the depth of the upcoming LED do more professional. This requires companies to do subtraction, in their own areas of expertise to do fine, do specifically, do deep, maybe you will find their own living space and cheese. Three is the concentration, that is, to improve the cost of LED, and to provide consumers with condensed, simplified product. 4 is a highly, which led to have wisdom, the wisdom of the lighting is the popular trend of the future, but wisdom is not equal to the complex, minimalism and easy operation is the foundation of the widely used.

5 expectations

one is expected to gradually pick up the LED market, and gradually stable, accelerate the development of! Second, expect to improve the gold led enterprises, the key common technology, invention patents more breakthrough and leap forward, the so-called "brand can make you go farther, patent can let you go faster, innovation is to let you fly higher"! Three is expected LED industry from the manufacturing to the wisdom made, change the current LED lighting production, although large, but the lack of an embarrassing situation of innovation! Four is expected to come out of the country as soon as possible LED brand, like the IT industry ABT (ALI, Baidu, Tencent) as the international leader! Five is expected to become proud of the global industry LED, LED world dream is no longer a step away!

the number of LED lighting in the future, LED lighting also has a more profound understanding. In fact, LED lighting is not bright prospects, just because the large number of manufacturers, manufacturers spoiler lots of fish in troubled waters, resulting in LED lighting market is not calm, collapse on foot manufacturers continue to spread. Industry calm, may also need more chaos of a war in order to get a lot of manufacturers look forward to the moment, just do not know how many manufacturers will pay the price.