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Common driving mode of LED display

From: Data:12/05/2016

the market led display drive mode static scan, dynamic scan two, static scanning and static real pixel and virtual static, dynamic scanning can be divided into dynamic real and virtual. to illustrate: a commonly used color pixel module to perform 2R1G1B, module using a total of LED lamp is: 16 * 8 (2 + 1 + 1) =512, if driven by mbi5026, mbi5026 for 16 bit chip, 512/16=32. (1) if 32 mbi5026 chip is a static virtual (2) if 16 mbi5026 chip is sweep dynamic 1 /2 virtual (3) if 8 mbi5026 chips, is dynamic quarter sweep virtual (4) if tandem board two red lights, with 24 mbi5026 chip is static materialized pixel (5) with 12 mbi5026 chip, dynamic /sweep the real pixel (6) with six mbi5026 chip is dynamic 1 /4 scan pixels.

in the LED unit board, scanning methods are 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, static. If the distinction? A number of the most simple way is to count the number of modules in LED lamp and 74HC595. Calculation method: the number of led by dividing the number of 74HC595 again divided by the 8 bit of scanning.

real pixel and virtual is should be relatively simple and real image screen is a display consisting of red, green and blue three kinds of luminous tube of each luminous tube will only participate in a pixel imaging using, in order to obtain enough brightness. Virtual pixel is using software algorithm control of each color luminous tube eventually participate in the imaging of a plurality of adjacent pixels, so that the larger resolution with less of tube, can make the display resolution is improved by four times.