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LED lighting industry sales enlightenment book: free marketing "eight sword"

From: Data:24/05/2016

today, LED industry Pu baldachin of advertising, in so many means of publicity, marketing means which can bring real benefits to the LED enterprise?? LED lights how to stand out in many of the products it? See this enterprise is how to do it, perhaps to led enterprise benefit!

however, television advertising and traditional media advertising for small businesses like A, the price is too high, can not afford to support. So a company from a start decided to promote the focus on the network platform, but in the actual operation found, now website advertising expenses is also spending a small fortune, and burn signs of more and more obvious, the web ads are priced according to law rose 30%, small website is a lot to rise, even Taobao entrance fees to promote a day to 20000 yuan.

first sword: B2C marketing platform. With the help of Taobao, Jingdong, HC, E-SUN net the throughout the country’s biggest business platform, and to release product information, increase brand and enterprise exposure rate, improve product turnover rate.

why through these platforms? Because of the high weight of the platform, the user experience is high can register for free, free shop and a B2C platform have millions of users, take this information into account, so that the majority of future customers and consumers through the platform can search to your and the main is through these platforms from the information, can further the enterprise product keywords row Baidu front page.

second sword: information integrated platform marketing. 58 city,,, happy net and other well-known business communication platform, traffic is very high. Through these platforms can be large, free to publish product information, also can let your customers find you through these internal platform, the same final purpose is to let enterprise product keywords increased chance of Baidu home page, so as to improve the product exposure rate and corporate visibility.

third sword: video marketing. Youku, potatoes, 56, is the country’s largest video site, there are hundreds of millions of traffic every day, in the impact of the video marketing is the biggest, they can upload the image of the self. And through the video, you can show the company’s specific situation and the latest product introduction, so that your customers to further understand you. Of course, is not simply to do a video pass up, but also through the fight to get the key words Baidu home page, through the video, the company’s latest side to show.

fourth sword: knowledge interactive marketing. Baidu know, Soso Ask, love asked, is well-known Chinese search engine business, research and development based on the search of interactive knowledge question answer sharing platform. Enterprises can according to their own needs, targeted to raise questions; at the same time, these answers as a result of the search, to the user related tips. Baidu know as everyone knows, this cite a simple example: for example, enterprises can in Baidu question: Xiamen red wine which is the best-selling brand of? Xiamen well-known liquor?? then, business users can ask and answer the question, imitate your customers and consumers of tone to answer, such as red wine, X Company x x brand of red wine, very good, I have been buying, worthy of trust. Similarly, this can also improve the company’s products in Baidu search rankings, because this is Baidu’s own products, ranking will be better.

fifth sword: Forum marketing. Sina forum, Tianya, Baidu Post Bar and other well-known BBS flow are very big, take the horizon, horizon is such advertising his "visionary people are on the horizon", is said to the day flows have 7-8 million passengers. So we have to go to these places posting and continuous in these industries forum post, the top post, to infuse water, adding post views, let more people know the company’s products, enhance the company’s image, increase the company’s reputation, fell in love with your product. In these forums to express their views, more comfortable and open.

sixth sword: blog marketing. I believe you in Sina, Yahoo, Sohu, baidu space, well-known sites have their own blog blog, which now has become a marketing a sword. We know that every blog has its own name, if you change the name of the blog into your business product key words, it will be an ad. A region a blog a product key words, so the country has so many cities, will achieve the overall exposure of the risk on the internet. Such as the drinks industry in Xiamen, a blog, the drinks industry in Shenzhen, a blog, the wine industry in Shanghai a blog, and so on, let your blog covering the whole of China is the core of the city, and in every blog, continue to release your company’s products, promotional information, even if is blog keyword no row Baidu home page, so many visitors random access can find you, you go here to understand you. Finally, also can get advertising.

article seven: SEO marketing. SEO is search engine optimization abbreviation, is refers to through the use of easy to search engines to index the reasonable technical means, make website, enterprise and product names, such as the basic elements for the search engine retrieval principles, and more friendly to users, and thus more easily indexed by search engines and priority, make your website, enterprise and product name in Baidu, Google and other search ranking to improve, let the search engine to bring you customers, and obtain the brand gains. So how to do SEO

enterprise marketing? 1 web directory and page optimization: SEO not only let Web page have a good ranking in the search engine, more important is to let each page of the site to bring traffic, the long tail keywords page optimization; content distribution and arrangement of the 2 links: search engines love web site regularly the update, so the reasonable arrangement of website content release schedule time, updated daily, published the contents of the original high, is one of the important techniques of SEO optimization; 3 high quality Links: to establish a high quality Links, for SEO optimization, can improve website PR value and website update rate is the key the problem; 4 to establish the site map SiteMap: according to the website structure, making the site map, make your site more friendly to search engines, let search Search engine through the sitemap, you can access the site all pages and columns; 5. Good keywords analysis: This is for SEO optimization is the most important part, keywords analysis including keyword of concern analysis, competitor analysis, analysis of the relationship between keywords and website, keywords layout, keywords ranking prediction; 6. To each big search engine log entry submitted has not been included in the site and so on.

can be said that with the support of the front six swords, and search engine optimization this sword, keywords enterprise website and products will be gradually row search Baidu front or home page.

eighth sword: micro marketing. The rapidly growing popularity of smart phones, mobile communication technology from 2G to 4G leaps and bounds, let micro shop, micro spike, micro rebate, micro limit purchase, micro group, micro stores and so on, all kinds of electric micro ecological blow on the face and come, which makes micro cost, fast and efficient micro marketing wind, popular attention and favor of small and micro enterprises, or can let your enterprise easy to fame.

however for many small and micro enterprises or personal web site, they urgently want to know is how to grasp the opportunity and success fun micro marketing, the share of cake.

as purchasing luxury goods buyers of Sophie (a pseudonym) in micro Bo registered account, help domestic luxury lovers from French purchasing luxury goods. She did not set up a Taobao shop or other online shop, its appeal to customers, sample display and contact with customers are achieved through micro-blog. In micro Bo attract to customers, through letters or letter more in-depth exchanges, commodity and styles to determine, by virtue of its credit, customers often directly to the money to her bank account, then she will from Paris to the domestic goods direct mail.

Sophie appears in the Taobao store, the customer payment to go to Alipay, the business funds are often pressed inside half a month can not move, and through the micro-blog and micro-blog payment platform almost can avoid these troubles. Sophie’s current fans have more than 180 thousand, the list is also more than a complete.

as Sophie so no small businesses in Taobao shop, just through the micro marketing business iceberg corner, their use of microblogging, micro channel and micro marketing, the introduction of traffic, but trading and shipping, after-sale service through other channels.

there is a is, the number of large, Amoy merchants, these businesses from Taobao, they on Weibo, or micro channel open an account forwarding through commercials, zombie powder intensive review of the rapidly expand its influence, establish a good reputation, the Weibo, or micro channel create traffic aggregation platform, after the user clicks it directly into the shops Taobao purchase page, trading and after-sales link is accomplished through Taobao.

to let the eight swordsmanship to achieve fast and impressive even in a surprise move, the superb situation, only need to hire two or three understand computers, web design and technical personnel, spend more time each day, perseverance, hard according to the "eight sword" rules, procedures and contents to brandish it, may be able to achieve one million yuan invested advertising and marketing effectiveness.