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Screening LED ceiling lamp with good or bad attention

From: Data:28/06/2016

LED ceiling lamp with LED lamp is a kind of ceiling lamp with the past two years is a hot selling lighting, it is different from the traditional lighting, is a long strip, which is the reason why it is named. Ceiling lamp with energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, long life advantages, at the same time, the ceiling lamp with rich colors also attracted a lot of consumers. LED ceiling lamp with a very good advantage, such as energy saving, environmental protection, long life, high efficiency, soft light, the use of a very wide range, and so on. Because of this, the current use of LED ceiling lights as the main lighting tool is also more and more, many consumers, the market similar products naturally more and more. Many led ceiling lamp belt products, natural products of inferior products, if consumers want to buy a both environmental protection and high cost of LED ceiling lamp belt, then up learning how to identify led ceiling lamp with the advantages and disadvantages of it! First, look at the work of the temperature LED ceiling lamp with the normal operating conditions, the temperature rise should be low. Otherwise, LED ceiling lamp with a short life. At the same time, LED ceiling lamp with light, there is a very fast flashing, or very harsh fluctuations, it shows that the quality of the lamp. Second, look at the packaging and trademark of the state mandatory LED ceiling lamp with a manufacturer of products on the outer package marked the following: rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, rated frequency. In general, quality LED ceiling lamp with trademarks of printing quality good, clear font, is not easy to fall off, with a soft damp cloth to wipe, legible mark, is not easy to erase, manufacturer's trademark and certification marks. Inferior product printing quality is poor, the font is fuzzy, easy to erase, no manufacturer's trademark and related certification mark. Third, see interference should be beautiful electron that, in our country, electromagnetic compatibility is appliances must be through the project, however, detection of this project is very complicated, users purchase led ceiling lamp with a look at packaging is the symbol of national electromagnetic compatibility test; the second is a shortwave radio, when working lamp with ceiling, the placed near a radio and shortwave radio to no radio at the noise is low, measured the electromagnetic compatibility of the lamp, the better. Fourth see, LED ceiling lamp with ceiling lamp with real appearance, with three color tube, tube white, hand over, more white. In addition, from the light tube, can put more than just put together, tube shape and size of the consistency of the better for the machine bending molding, is the product of mass production. Ceiling lamp with a good product consistency, quality is easier to be guaranteed, the maintenance of the better interchange. Of course, the appearance can not have cracks, loose and the interface between the pry marks. In the process of mounting and dismounting, the lamp should not be loose, head tilt phenomenon. Fifth, look at the LED ceiling lamp with the start performance LED ceiling lamp with two characteristics: first, the higher the temperature is easier to start; the two is the light off, not flash. In addition, it is worth mentioning that a lot of LED ceiling lights with a very dark, which is detrimental to the life of light bulbs, LED ceiling lights should be equipped with a power supply circuit and PCB board. Believe through these points, consumers will be able to test led ceiling lamp with the quality is good or bad, buy more satisfactory products.