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Large LED bulb lamp replaces 125W rocket bulb energy saving lamp

From: Data:02/07/2016

Jie Yu Lighting since its inception, has been in mining optical potential for career purposes, take the product innovation route. Recently, this reporter went to Yu Jie lighting production base in Zhongshan Guzhen Tongyi Industrial Park, lucky to see Yu Jie lighting forthcoming large LED bulbs. Jie Yu Lighting general manager Yuan Yujie introduced the unique features of this new product.

according to the Yuan Yujie, to launch this new large LED ball bubble lamp is 50W mining lamp light source, can very well replace 125w rocket bubble energy-saving lamps, this product from produce inspiration to design and development, completed by Yu Jie lighting, from shell to supply all mold are by Jie Yu Lighting Design and development, patent related to this product also in the application.

for Jie Yu Lighting large LED bulb lamp of the various parts and components, Yuan Yujie made a focus on. This product's cooling design is quite unique, is divided into power and light source partition heat, do not affect each other. Jie Yu Lighting new large-scale LED bulb lamp overall design is also very scientific, plastic shell and internal aluminum sheet heat dissipation structure, to achieve the European standard. In the power of this piece, this product uses Jie Yu Lighting independent production of high power, high PFC power supply, the two indicators are up to 90 standard, can effectively use the power, not on the power grid caused a greater impact. At the same time, the power life of 30 thousand hours, is 5 times the life of energy-saving lamps, can make the whole lamp energy saving effect from the lamp body to reflect the longevity of the more prominent. In which a light source, the chip in the light of this product is from the large size of Sanan optoelectronics chip, more than 120 lumens per watt luminous flux, the whole lighting effect in the industry in the leading position. In the shade of the material, this use of imported PC plastic material from, transmittance of 92%, PBT plastic shell is higher than 180 DEG C high temperature damage resisting ability.

Yuan Yujie /> said Yu Jie lighting large LED ball bubble lamp prices compared to similar products on the market to more than 50% lower and the market many products of the same type are not mining lamp light source, so this product can well into mining or engineering field of client, let the good news and bad news, Fei Renqun feeling of this product and not expensive, perfect design, and energy-saving longevity, highlighting the high price. This year Guzhen Lighting Fair will period, Jie Yu Lighting large LED ball bubble lamp will formally to the market, and appeared in Lighting Fair Exhibition and market related remains to be seen.