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Decoration lights are about to: teach you how to choose the LED lamp

From: Data:21/07/2016

home health topic has been the subject of much consumer attention, in the building materials market, a variety of green building materials become the goods in great demand, but it seems the doctor, home health can not only rely on green building materials piled up in the, home right to buy and set, is closely related to health. , decoration: strobe lights pay attention to people decorate the strobe lights, often only consider the appearance and light bulb wattage, in fact, light brightness, color temperature, color rendering index etc. and health is extremely relevant. If the bright lights in the room, snowy white walls, is likely to cause light pollution, and long time in light pollution of the environment, is first injured eyes, so buy Lamps and lanterns to see the lighting color temperature. Generally speaking, commonly used color temperature is 2700k, namely common incandescent lamp color temperature, looks like the light warm, but not bright enough, applicable to the bedroom, bed, wall lamp, such as local lighting, 3000K is closest to the color temperature of the natural light, suitable for home the overall lighting design; 3400k is white, can let mental focus, suitable for office, study and other places. In addition, the lighting and its color rendering index. For example, the color index of incandescent lamp is 100%, the fluorescent lamp is 90% to 95%, LED is 70% to 80%. As daylight color index is 100%, while the most common eye or daylight, and therefore recommended to buy Lamps, the best choice for those color index is higher than 80%. Bathroom: a home in the home if there are allergic asthma and allergic rhinitis patients, decoration, the best in the bathroom, a moisture meter. Often to detect the humidity of the toilet, is a way to prevent allergies. Dr. Shi said that once the indoor humidity exceeds 60%, it should consider the ventilation window, if the toilet no windows should be open dehumidifier or exhaust fan. Mattresses too hard is not good now a lot of lumbar bad people are not aware of a soft bed, actually hard bed in adverse health, especially for has emerged strain of lumbar muscles and lumbar disc herniation of the people it. Soft and hard moderate, lying down to fully support the waist of the bed, is the real good bed.