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LED street lamp power supply

From: Data:01/08/2016

LED street lamp power is determined by the drive of LED street lamp, here we come to understand what is a LED street lamp power! (the kinds of LED street lamp power), selection of LED street lamp power of the correct choice for normal operation of the electric control system of mechanical equipment is essential. In the choice of LED street lamp power supply (LED street lamp power supply), we should consider the factors and points are also many aspects of the. So, in the LED street lights in the selection process, we have to consider those aspects of it? Many people may not understand this. In view of this, small series through the collection and collation of information on the selection of LED street lights to consider the factors and the selection of the main points made a detailed summary. LED street lamp power selection principle (LED street lamp power purchase) first according to the type of machinery and equipment, load torque characteristics, speed range, the accuracy of the static speed, starting torque and the use of environmental requirements, and decide how to choose and the door structure of the LED street lamp power control the most appropriate. The so-called combination is to meet the requirements of the actual production process of mechanical equipment and the use of the occasion, the realization of the LED street lamp power supply of the best price. The LED lamp power supply selection factors need to be considered in the selection of speed using LED lighting power supply is required from the process requirements, saving benefits, the investment recovery period is considered. If only the process requirements, saving benefit considerations, the following situations using frequency inverter is beneficial: according to the process requirements, production line or single equipment according to the program or adjusted according to the requirements of motor speed. Such as: packing machine transmission system, according to the different varieties of products, need to change the system transmission speed, use frequency can make the speed control system has the advantages of simple structure, accurate control, and is easy to realize the program control. Using VVVF instead of mechanical transmission. Such as machine tools, not only can gear the gearbox omits the complex, but also improve the speed, meet the control requirements. The program with frequency conversion for replace fan, baffle or gate flow pump, compressor and so on. For example: boiler water pump, blower fan, the frequency control of motor speed, not only saves the servo amplifier, electric actuator, electric actuator and valve (or plate), and makes the boiler control system has fast dynamic response, high control precision and stability. Key points of LED street the power of the first power type LED lamp LED lamp according to the power load characteristics of selecting the appropriate control methods are now available on the market are also increasingly powerful function, the performance of LED lamp power supply is more and more become the determining factor of the speed adjusting performance, in addition to the LED lamp power supply itself manufacturing process of the "innate" conditions, is also very important to LED lighting power supply control method was what the. The performance characteristics of various LED street lamp power control modes are summarized in the following table. In summary, variable frequency control of induction motor using different control methods, you can get different performance characteristics of the speed control characteristics. The second point. According to the installation environment protective structure of LED street lamp power door structure of LED street lamp power selection to its installation to adapt to the environment, it is necessary to consider the factors of environment temperature, humidity, dust, pH, corrosive gases such as the LED street lamp power can long-term, safe and reliable operation of major.