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How to maintain the daily maintenance of LED display

From: Data:01/08/2016

1, to keep clean. Prolonged exposure to outdoor, it is inevitable to stain the surface of the display, not timely treatment, will have a direct impact on the effect of due to watch. In the cleaning process, should be as far as possible to gently wipe, to avoid damage to the screen surface.

2, power supply stability of. Maintain the stability of the power supply can support almost all electrical service life, and can maintain the display effect, without mutation, without distortion. Thunder and lightning weather, try to avoid its use, it is necessary to do a good job of lightning protection measures.

3, switch sequence. The Most people may have a preference to switch the display, the daily use will not be any big problem, but the more so, the more likely to cause damage to the display screen. Daily use, you need to open the computer, in its normal operation after the opening display. Turn off the screen before closing the control computer when you close the display.

4, the use frequency. The frequency of use need to be controlled, the general need to turn on the display screen regularly, to avoid long-term use. Climate change, the need to adjust the current situation according to the appropriate frequency, high humidity when the frequency is relatively high.

5, regularly check the. Regularly check their work, once found can not work properly, it is necessary to repair or replacement as soon as possible.

6, equipment for protection. Try to avoid contact with non professionals inside the line, so as to avoid electric shock or cause damage to the internal circuit, found the problem, the need to contact the professional personnel for maintenance as soon as possible. Class= MsoNormal "