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Technical application of laser in LED industry

From: Data:02/08/2016

originated in the early 1960s laser technology, is to the 20th century and the atomic energy, semiconductor and computer as famous as the four great inventions of. Laser technology has gone through 50 years of rapid development, which has a profound impact on the development of human society. At present, the market value of each year and laser related products and services, ranging from high end optical fiber to a common bar code scanner, is up to trillions of dollars! 2011, the total output value of the national laser industry about 110 billion yuan. Among them, the laser equipment sales revenue of about 30 billion yuan, the industrial chain downstream of the laser processing service industry about 35 billion yuan, about 45 billion yuan laser products.

laser has three characteristics, which are monochromatic, coherence and parallelism, and is especially suitable for the processing of materials. Laser processing is the most promising field of laser application, abroad has developed more than 20 kinds of laser processing technology. The space control and time control of the laser is very good, the material, the shape, the size and the processing environment of the processing object is very large, and it is especially suitable for the automatic processing. Combining laser processing system and computer numerical control technology, automatic processing equipment, which has become the enterprises to implement timely production of the key technology, has opened a broad prospect for the processing and production of high quality, high efficiency and low cost.

laser processing is refers to the use of laser beam is projected to the thermal effect on the surface to complete the processing process, including laser welding, laser cutting, surface modification, laser marking, laser drilling and micro processing and so on. For a variety of processing of materials by laser beam, such as drilling, cutting, dicing, welding and heat treatment etc.. Laser can adapt to any materials processing and manufacturing, especially in some special precision and requirements, special occasions and special material processing manufacturing plays an irreplaceable role.

2013 is known as China's LED market expansion in an important year, while LED lighting industry sales may reach 1 billion yuan. With the continued growth of the market, LED manufacturing requirements for the capacity and the rate of finished products become increasingly high, LED manufacturers are looking for dicing width optimization, dicing speed and processing to yield the new technology progress. LED laser lift off (LLO) and laser wafer dicing equipment LED manufacturers to provide cost-effective industrial tools, laser processing technology quickly become LED manufacturing universal tool, even become the industry standard for high brightness LED wafer processing.

laser engraving LED lines than the traditional mechanical characterization of a much narrower, so that the material utilization is significantly improved, and thus improve the efficiency of output. In addition to laser machining is a non-contact process, characterization of wafer micro cracks and other damage smaller, which makes particles wafer closer, output and high efficiency, high capacity, also finished the LED device reliability is also greatly improved.