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Innovation is the only way out for the development of LED display industry in Ch

From: Data:02/08/2016

in recent years, due to the lack of LED display technology innovation, low level of product technology, as well as the market environment and other reasons, leading to market competition and a variety of price competition does not regulate the competitive behavior. The confusion in the market situation, but also blocked the LED display industry development and progress, the enterprise is also complacent.

our country the development of LED display industry in the early to rapid growth, and when the enterprise in the technological innovation performance are inseparable, in the 90s of the last century, every one to two years will have leading technology mainstream products lead the market. But in recent years, China's LED display technology innovation ability is insufficient, the overall level of enterprise innovation is relatively low. Mainly in high technical content of new products, leading the market development of core products & ldquo; Cloning & rdquo; product technology and is a common phenomenon, industry internal energy in promoting technological progress and enhance the overall level of development of the industry play positive role of the lack of leading enterprises, corporate investment in research and development seriously insufficient.

LED display enterprises want to survive and develop in the fierce competition, they must have their own special products. Innovation is the only way to change the status quo. At present, the core competitiveness of China's enterprises LED display the formation and construction has a long way to go. To really improve our LED display industry in the global industrial competitiveness, need from the following aspects of efforts and improvement: first, strengthen the propaganda, expand the influence, establish a brand image, enhance social awareness; second, enhancing product technology level, shaping the "made in China" a new connotation; third, cultivate form with strong comprehensive strength and the size of representative enterprises.

China led the industry standard system has a certain foundation, display the standardization work, both to strengthen the work in the standardization of screen machine, to be perfect in devices, such as basic materials, display standard production should strengthen cooperation and materials, devices and other upstream and downstream industry chain standardization and coordination, also related to the standard use and learning to promote pay attention is displayed.

the semiconductor lighting industry the development of LED display industry has brought a good opportunity, LED display enterprises want to change our rest on its laurels must adjust strategy, increase innovation.