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LED display demand market to lease and monitor the field of transfer

From: Data:02/08/2016

nearly two years LED show that the development of the industry has gradually emerged “ stagnant ” the phenomenon, there are some LED display manufacturers due to the development of the difficulties and have closed down. In fact, any industry has his law of development. There is also a decline in natural, LED display industry after several years of rapid development phase, and now basically reached a saturated state.

in today's market environment, outdoor installation of LED advertising screen because the approval before they can be installed, the number of demand is limited. Other indoor fixed installation display, the number will be a little more, but in accordance with the use of the LED display is basically 5 to 10 years, so it will reach saturation. Then LED electronic display in the future the main market will need to transfer positions, from the current market demand, leasing and intelligent monitoring field will be the future development direction of LED electronic screen.

with the improvement of living standards, people's appreciation level is gradually improving. This is also derived from the LED display rental market. What is the LED rental display? LED display rental is mainly, by a number of professional performance companies or advertising companies. Units or individuals to buy the LED display, and then leased to other companies to use, and now more used in large-scale theatrical show and in the wedding ceremony.

the LED display applications in video surveillance and video presentations, the main driving force from on two points: first, with the rapid progress of technology of LED display, LED electronic display screen space more and more small, the current step Rui optoelectronics has launched a high accuracy indoor P2.5LED screen. High density LED display in a limited area with a greater resolution, the display screen is more clear, delicate. In the display of the standard high-definition images, has been able to fully meet the requirements of the resolution. The second is the price factor, was too high to be reached high density LED tube core, worth more and more close to the people. Show the price per square meter and DLP and LCD products, competitive advantage began to show. So in the field of monitoring has a very strong competitive potential.