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From: Data:02/08/2016

several led enterprises suddenly from the IPO withdrawals amounts in to the impact of the market led display enterprises a wake-up call, immediately after the cancellation of the Dalian Road appeared problem of arrears of wages, and came a few days heard and a LED display enterprises difficult to continue, in my impression this is a more stable business ah, how again & hellip; & hellip; strange led.

remember a company listed on the front, an investment consultancy, investment about how the company, I to the investment company introduced the company, determined by the investor, then call me said they did not vote, other investment cast, very risky, if the LED company later ipo3 months, capital to enter & hellip; & hellip; it is fortunate that!

LED industrial development to so prosperous degree is a blessing for the LED industry, the LED display for the rise of the LED industry to the pivotal role, Mo Dayan good. Display

LED industry is a capital flows, capital demand larger industry, the reason why a LED display enterprises can in the establishment of 2-3 years in do a billion in value, and capital flow momentum, high demand has great relationship, even in the display products, profit rate fell sharply today, the profits of the enterprise absolute value is very considerable.

but but in large flows of capital do a little bit of some flaws in the performance is still very easy, so the profit rate can be as high as well, a little bit, the performance of the enterprise can do look a little bit more, even capsule is actually shy, venture capital can give you add a little bit, returns are listed after & hellip; & hellip; if not on the city? … … LED display to the full. Enterprise operators

LED show the desire of capital, desire to the utmost and, of course, the best way is listed, the only listed to circle money is also can not.

in the capital, the national policy on the LED industry given expectations, led enterprises especially LED display enterprises is a meat and potatoes. In China's LED industry has several segments of the industry turnover of over the LED display enterprises? Even if an enterprise no matter how high technology research and development capabilities, there is no enough patent technology, in China engaged in assault is also recognized, so again a strange phenomenon, a company's patent is concentrated in a time of a year focused on the application. Oh, China's IPO review of the tube are also recognized? And there are a lot of people questioned also can be, “ over will review is the XX features, the listing is the development of international LED with ”. LED are to be transformed into shareholders ills, concentrated by LED enterprises are to big investors scattered small ones, XX do good.

don't say these, it will be a curse or scolded. Display

LED belongs to an engineering technical products, certain general technical content (I say is general technology, also is in the market on the streets can be found, enterprise is not unique), due to many like Depda, spirit meteor and control system of the company, and with the wholesale unit board enterprises have emerged, wholesale box tides of enterprise, the threshold to enter the LED display very low, resulting in products profit margins continue to decline, so that it makes the LED display enterprises into capital of ills, which is led display enterprises of ills. On the other hand,

LED shows that the enterprise is in short time (less than 10 years) in the outbreak of the enterprise development, serious gap consciousness, the owner of the management consciousness, management ability and other aspects of the enterprise, so that enterprises once embarked on large-scale operation of the road, along with the enterprise personnel increase, increased equipment and the increase in spending, business owners do not have the scale of business management experience, the enterprise internal management confusion, which leads to the high cost of enterprise management, personnel expenses, the company's net profit rate is not sufficient to meet the internal management of the enterprise owners capital consumption, income, this is the LED display of the two ills.

why is the current LED display enterprises to maintain a certain amount of shipments per month, a certain amount of orders? LED display enterprises in arrears of the supplier's payment by month 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and 180 days or even longer period of time, if the enterprises do not have enough orders is maintained, every month the company there is no input, cannot from suppliers to purchase a certain amount of raw materials, bring a negative psychological pressure to the supplier, and each month to return the payment to supplier, so enterprises must have a certain amount of business to support the supplier procurement and repayment of virtuous cycle. But in arrears of payment with the volume of business increases constantly growing, debt is like a snowball like snowball, if once the enterprise for several month procurement to reduce the amount and repayment can not be timely, suppliers may be off for, the enterprise dangerous, several failures LED display enterprises is a very good & ldquo; example & rdquo; that is, LED display enterprises, three ills.

product are Nanxiao LED display enterprises when is a way out!

IPO fire gradually of the small, LED display enterprises is still a long way to go very long, for there is no research and development strength of enterprises, will be out of the market, LED display enterprises and on the capital of the road more walk more far, rather than static under heart recollect LED display and summarize characteristics of LED display, explore new market, concentrate to break through, to find out how to get out of the difficulties, get rid of the ills of capital! The door of the

market is always open to the pioneer.