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LED outdoor lighting promotion policy. Prison would also like to show!

From: Data:02/08/2016

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with the government's strong support, LED outdoor lighting has been implemented, recently, a picture of the Xiaogan prison is uploaded to the network, causing users to ridicule. Picture shows, Xiaogan prison gate on the LED screen shows the 7 characters: welcome to Xiaogan prison.

a lot of friends so ridicule Xiaogan prison, “ this place is still do not welcome me as well, I do not want to come! ” users believe that this slogan is very easy to produce psychological aversion, very wrong. Yesterday, the Xiaogan prison police carefully read the picture, said this picture is certainly in prison before the commissioning of the commissioning of the LED display screen. Because since May 20, the prison is enabled, the prison door was shut on, family visits, entering from the side door, even open and as escort the prisoners into the prison, but at that time, at the gate of the prison should around the police, police, but in the picture the prison door open, also did not see the police and police cars.

Xiaogan prison responsible person, held in Shayang Ma Liang prison inmates transferred before, all the equipment in the Xiaogan prison has been in the commissioning phase, since it is debugging, in front of the screen may appear all kinds of subtitles. And prison in front of the establishment of the LED display purpose is in order to prisoners and their families to publicize legal policy, officially opened in prison, definitely not & ldquo; Xiaogan prison welcome you & rdquo; such slogans & rdquo;. This also shows that outdoor lighting in the country to promote, but do not see the vigorous promotion of indoor lighting. People with the popularity of indoor lighting, it is true that the market opened up. I hope you all! Investment risk, do not blindly invest or lose the wife and fold!