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Home use LED lamp safe?

From: Data:02/08/2016


due to storm events, it raised a question on the market for the sale of LED products, the use of LED lamp is safe? Recently, the Shanghai municipal quality and technical supervision organization testing agencies to part of the LED manufacturer of LED lighting products for the risk of monitoring.

and the main reason for the damage caused by the human eye is the blue light contains the blue, the medical profession to worry about LED Blu ray will cause damage to the retina. And on the market to sell some of the LED lamps are blue light overflow problem. So, what blue light hazard does. The results show that different wavelengths of blue light for human harm effect is different, 435 nm to 440 nm blue eye damage effect of maximum, the effect with the wavelength increasing or decreasing decreases. In general, indoor LED lighting products color temperature should not exceed 4000K, should avoid the use of color temperature above 5000K LED lamp. So, if the LED lamp use low color temperature, is not what harm to human.

and we in the use of LED lights, be sure to pay attention to add shade, led ceiling lamps, LED panel lights, LED bulb lights, such as foam, with acrylic shade, can be very good to prevent light damage to the eyes.

in life, not only LED lantern emits blue light and flat panel display, led neon lamp, fluorescent lamp, liquid crystal display, iPad, large screen mobile phones and other have background light source, through the strong electron flow excitation light source containing abnormal high-energy short blue will influence children's retina, should avoid long-term look.