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LED production pay attention to what?

From: Data:02/08/2016

. use pay attention to item and standard LED device light-emitting diode component in the application of the products, led by welding, forming, installation, cleaning of the LED should influence the characteristic is a big factor, the corresponding LED use and storage temperature is also very important, including electrostatic protection and so on. A brief description of the relevant matters as follows. In order to unify the standard, the standard operation, to achieve the goal of improving the quality of the use of LED! (a) LED welding conditions 1, iron welding: iron (maximum 30W) tip temperature does not exceed 280 DEG C; the welding time is not more than 5 seconds; welding position at least from the colloid 3 mm. 2, the maximum temperature of 260 DEG C: dip dip, dip time less than 5 seconds, dip position of at least 3 mm from the gel. (one) pin forming method 1, must be 2 mm from the gel in order to bend the stent. 2, bracket forming must be completed by the professional personnel. 3, support forming must be completed before welding. 4, the stent is required to ensure that the pin and spacing is consistent with the circuit board. 5, pay attention to the various types of devices outside the arrangement, in order to prevent the polarity. Device can not be too close to the heating elements, working conditions do not exceed the limits of its provisions. 6, be sure not to install LED in the case of pin. 7, when the decision to install in the hole, calculate the size and tolerance of the hole distance of the face and the circuit board to avoid excessive pressure on the stent. 8, when installing LED, it is recommended to use the guide set positioning. 9, in the welding temperature back to normal, must avoid to make LED by any vibration or external force. ( three) Qing Xian when use chemical cleaning colloid must be especially careful, because some chemicals on the colloid surface damage and cause fading such as trichloroethylene, acetone. Wipe available ethanol at room temperature, soaking time, no more than 3 minutes. ( 4) work and storage temperature LED lamps (light emitting diode Topr-25 DEG C to 85 DEG C, Tstg-40 DEG to 100 DEG ( 5) LED note: (1) led is DC device, reverse voltage shall not be greater than 5V, the standard working current of 20mA, industry and trade as current 30mA, can not overload, otherwise the LED easily damaged. (2) feet long led the positive electrode (anode, and the anode of the power supply). (3) welding equipment (including electric iron, automatic welding machine and test machine platform) needs to be grounded, operators need to equipped with anti-static ring. (4) after the opening of the package should not be used within 12 hours of sealing. The basic physical properties of (six) LED electrostatic protection measures static electricity is: attraction or repulsion, and the earth has the potential difference, will produce the discharge current. The effects of these three characteristics on electronic components: 1, electrostatic dust, reduce the insulation resistance of components (shorten life). 2, electrostatic discharge damage, damage to the components can not work (safety damage). 3, electrostatic discharge or current generated by the heat, so that the component is injured (potential damage). 4, the electromagnetic field generated by electrostatic discharge is very large (up to several hundred volts /meter) spectrum is very wide (from tens to thousands of million), the electronic components caused by interference and even damage (electromagnetic interference). At present, the biggest problem in the use of high brightness LED is ESD (static). Static electricity is the main factors to cause the LED material leakage (IR /reverse current), 90% of the electrostatic in operation without the equipment of grounding and operator is not equipped with corresponding ESD settings, such leakage in its brightness and color won't instant showed adverse phenomenon, but in the normal work for a long time the brightness will significantly decreased or unstable and not bright and in manufacturing operations, except in accordance with the corresponding LED operation standard control requirements should be in anti-static following some control: 1, a test machine for ground 2, staff need to be equipped with anti-static ring. Antistatic clothing. 3, when the expansion of the chip must be in the normal operation of the ion fan. 4, welding line four parameters of the adjustment. 5, try to avoid violent friction material, such as in the material tray and move materials and on the desktop repeatedly move, materials are easy to cause the leakage. LED characteristics LED has the advantages of 1, the working voltage is low (3-24V) than
job requirement:
security of a high voltage power supply, power consumption, high luminous efficiency, and consume more energy than that of Tongguang efficiency incandescent 80% reduction, compared with fluorescent lamps to reduce 50%
3, light response time is very short, the nanosecond; incandescent lamps is millisecond
4, stability: 10 million hours, the decay rate of the initial 50%
5, pure light color high light transmittance, heat

6, firm structure, impact resistance, resistance to vibration
7, environmental protection, production, recycling process no harmful metal mercury led faults 1, the light extraction of. The external quantum efficiency is low, and the refractive index of the physical barrier is difficult to overcome. 2, heat conduction. High light transmission rate, heat resistant
3, uniform color and luminous flux of the packaging process.
4 and packaging resin and, low thermal conductivity, resistance to UV and solar radiation and moisture resistance packaging resin.
5, coated with fluorescent powder coating process, the product of backward technology, low yield, poor consistency, high labor intensity. 6 and decay .LED market application 1, street lamp
job requirement:
, spotlights, sprinkle wall lamp, nightscape lighting
3, lights (including the former steering lamp, reversing lamp, rear brake, after steering lamp, high brake lights. The car dashboard, air-conditioning, and other audio indicator lamp and reading lamp, Volkswagen, GM, FAW Toyota, Chery, Nissan, Kia, Audi, the new Buick Regal, Santana)
4, digital products with the camera flash, with white light.

5, signal indication by (indicating function of electronic equipment, traffic signal lamp) 6, landscape lighting with low power and high power white dominated, miner's lamp, table lamp, street lamp, building decoration, interior decoration, tourist attractions decoration. The mainstream of the LED illumination light source will be high brightness white LED. At present, the commercialization of the white light LED is two wavelength, that is, with a blue chip YAG yellow phosphor mixed with white light. The future more promising is the third wave of Changbai led, namely to Inorganic UV chip and the red, green, blue three color fluorescent powder mixed to produce white light, it will replace the fluorescent lamp, compact type energy-saving fluorescent lighting and led back light source market. Four , White 1 cool white and warm white 2.2 angle LED light-emitting angle also known as the power angle, we usually use the half power angle, i.e., 50% light angle angle. Factors that affect the brightness of the angle (shape, support, chip, the color of the gel, the index of the glue, the consistency of the material quality)