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LED lighting second tier brands face collapse

From: Data:02/08/2016

recent first-line brands are greatly reduced prices. Although the market is open, but the civil market has not yet opened, so that the quality of the price reduction will be relaxed! Bad products will flow into the country. Foreign market quality control over ultra strict. Second tier enterprises to do the dead. The quality of work. Is it so good. Today KingSun chairman Li Xuliang said that since the second quarter of this year, the industry appears a large outbreak, through LED commercial lighting market in first price to seize the market, at present company LED lighting products in short supply.

Li Xuliang told Zhengbao reporter, with falling prices, sales of the company also appeared in the explosive growth. At present, the company's production capacity of 24 hours full load production, but still can not meet the needs of customers, the need to outsource part of the production process.

for this round of LED lighting market led to a large outbreak of the chip prices, Li Xuliang said that the company uses a large number of chips, so there is a bargaining power. At present the company uses the chip does not rise in price, and there is the possibility of price reduction.

Guotai Junan Securities research report pointed out that KingSun outdoor lighting business will return to the track of rapid growth. Guangdong Province, the provisions of the city of LED outdoor lighting project acceptance time focused on the end of 2013 by the end of, since 2013 has been the local government take the initiative to invite companies to participate in the tender. Forecast 2013 Guangdong in the intensive implementation of the policy period, the market will show a doubling of the momentum of growth, the company as the first enterprise in Guangdong Province, will share the largest “ cake ”. Future business failures will be greatly improved! Why want to do foreign markets, the domestic market chaos. Every industry is like this. This is a common problem!