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LED industry is a veritable potential shares

From: Data:02/08/2016

current mainland 5 Watt LED bulb Jinshou 16 yuan (RMB, the same below), the price gap between energy-saving lamps and the further reduced, the technology is improved and the cost is greatly reduced, promoting the application of LED lighting a large area, coupled with policy support, LED industry usher in blowout?

LED industry chain mainly divided into three parts, chip, package and lighting manufacturer. Profit distribution point of view, the chip occupies 70%, packaging accounted for about 15%, LED lighting manufacturers accounted for only about 15%. Capital requirements, the chip capital requirements on billions, LED manufacturers can be a million, low entry threshold. The Hong Kong listed companies, no chip companies, mainly downstream enterprises, NVC, up into the Oriental Lighting and neon.

NVC venture storm against a paragraph, Yan speech chairman, Wu Changjiang core team regression, the mainland listed upstream chip companies BDO shares, channel advantage is still in. Last year, LED accounted for only 7% of the company, Wu Changjiang intends to make this year accounted for 20%, which is up to 200%, this is the first time in history. A quarter of LED, the actual completion of order 240 million, the de Hao not single for the company provides and low-end chip packaging products, while playing on ETinvc double trademark, through NVC channel sales of products, improve product price.

however, many investors will ask, LED industry is not a bubble, the serious excess capacity?? this is still unknown, but market demand can be simple calculation: if you only consider the civil market, led the market capacity of only 60 billion to 100 billion yuan; and if we take into consideration the commercial market, such as pre - Shenzhen launched million LED lights plan etc., the capacity of the market is not underestimated. Ministry of science and technology planning, in 2015 the size of the LED industry in 500 billion yuan.