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LED Display Outdoor in the outdoor media has become an alternative to the produc

From: Data:02/08/2016

LED display is developed rapidly in the 1990s is a new type of information display products, combined with modern high-tech, with environmental protection, energy saving, bright color, can reveal the dynamic picture and text, visual range wide a series of advantages. LED Display Outdoor advertising picture area, the visual effect of shock, can fully attract the audience's eye, is a new link between the media and high-tech. These advantages make LED display in the outdoor media irreplaceable value.
in all advertising media, outdoor advertising is the oldest, the oldest form of media communication. It with the development of urban economic, cultural and social life are closely related to, it is the product brand and the most direct media. At the same time it is also the city's prosperity, a form of expression. These features constitute the LED display in the outdoor media, no substitute for the value of.
LED display media at the same time with the high efficiency of the advertising characteristics, it is compared with the TV, newspapers and other media delivery, the price is relatively low. The unique value, the LED display media naturally become the new outdoor media. Such as New York's CBD Central Plaza area and Tokyo Ginza bunches of LED display is not only an advertising to promote promotion function, but also global well-known large companies corporate identity symbol in the industry has dominant position of the company can be in here to play the advertisement, therefore here broadcast advertising company can let you are aware of its brand in the global status.
and traditional outdoor media is full color LED display is not only simple outdoor media, it has both the features and advantages of the television and other media. And full color LED display is not just a simple outdoor media and TV media extension, it has greater space conception and the broader consumer temporal interaction and communication with three-dimensional space, to meet the demand for personalized, with the concept of the spread of the digital age, is a special screen display.