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LED bulb lamp is what?

From: Data:02/08/2016


bulb lamp is what? Which kind of LED bulb lamp is better? LED

bulb lamp shape using spherical design, mainly used to replace the traditional incandescent bulbs, the city's largest civilian use of light bulbs, more for the civilian market, belonging to the fourth generation of green light. LED bulb lamp lamp with spiral grain source uses high power LED chip production, instead of the previous tungsten, LED lamps shell using frosted glass or acrylic production, can effectively prevent the glare issue. Compared to

and the traditional incandescent lamp, led ball lamp has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, long life, no flicker, no radiation, no UV etc., since the country began to disable the incandescent lamp, led ball bulb for and EC Wei lighting shape resemble, as an alternative to traditional lighting, the best choice, and interface with the traditional lighting similar, it is easy to install and loved by the vast number of consumers.