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LED large screen display over two inflection point retrace the outdoor LED large

From: Data:05/08/2016

or lopsided, or waiting for a buyer, once made outdoor advertising for discoloration, cash to wait for high income LED large screen, now because of multiple reasons that sad song Liao ring, the targeted media market also began to become narrow. When the light pollution, electricity, and high operating costs and secondary merchants to make LED large screen only loss, no profit, most investors is not only regret, more is money down the drain. Just a few years ago, the domestic one, the second tier city investment LED large screen or lucrative trading, now, with the advertiser's rational return to & ldquo; playing big & rdquo; at best, can only be & ldquo; shooting a ring & rdquo; make the crying stopped, finally were mostly escape a loss of natural loss, a loss of fate, visible, traditional LED display screen has deviated from profits and drifting further and further away. How can we continue to dominate the former king? & ldquo; cengjingcanghai hard water, except Wushan not cloud & rdquo; when people's personal experience of LED large screen spread effect and big value, ask and what the media can be replaced? At the turning point of the LED big screen is to continue with “ disease ” forward, or after the reform of the new students, we focus on.

screen & ldquo; leader & rdquo; & mdash; gold of Connaught both sides turn display

“ innovation casting value, quality reward sky & rdquo; JINDA Connaught on both sides of the turn display combined with the traditional LED display screen and the three surface turning features and advantages, and therefore has two kinds of management modes. It can not only broadcast video footage, and graphic display advertising, in the video customers tend to saturation, the two plane advertisement value of nature is also rising, skyrocketed. At present, because the length of plane advertisement, advertising effect is good, some real estate, mobile communications, financial services customers particularly such advertising, for long time and space to display their own advertising, such advertising often spared no expense to buy, turn the screen in this case two can realize the fish eat it. Video clients and customers in the plane have at the same time, to provide video services at the same time, satisfy the customer to maximize the plane, in the display space plane advertisement at the same time, the video features to assist in the form of loop plane customers, thus combining each other, this win-win situation based on, even if it is reasonable wait for the right price to sell. The price increases, advertisers are very willing to pay, two merchants no pressure, so the two sides turn screen proved lucrative Return on investment and multiple value-added profits, for both sides turn display like Tannangquwu, and traditional LED display is limited to single mode of operation and investment bottleneck, ultimately can only hope & ldquo; & rdquo; helplessly.

flexible mode of operation, to create outdoor LED media new meteorological because JINDA Connaught both sides turn led display has two operating modes, so there is no like traditional LED display screen that is capital chain and secondary investment bundling and clamping situation, it can do display to run, and when three face turned to the use, operation is very flexible, not in use for merchants to worry about, all-weather with screen, in the customer resources has not been set up yet can be taken in the morning with two side turning, in the afternoon and evening with a screen, two kinds of forms, a variety of profit model, free switch, timing play, never black screen.

in addition, when the two side turning as the main body, display is in the form of auxiliary media appeared and video services to customers, in this case, usually over two in the daytime, evening display. At the same time, it also solves the problem of outdoor media in the night lighting, not only low carbon and energy saving, but also for the outdoor advertising of norm setting and the image of the city to the role of icing on the cake!

generally speaking, when the business is good, two times the investment will reach a sufficient customer capacity, it can be based on the main screen, both sides turned. When the lack of tourists, direct sunlight, or the audience rate low, available on both sides of the turn to stagger the audience is low and light period, in this way, both to avoid the waste of resources, and save the cost of business, but also extend the service life of the equipment, a variety of profit mode, the freedom to choose, customers want to screen available screen to print advertisement is available in print ads, free to switch, flexible operation.

low operating retrace the outdoor LED screen value model