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The first quarter of 2013 LED display market tepid

From: Data:05/08/2016

in experienced last year first half of the market hot force, in the first quarter of this year, the government procurement LED display market is tepid, less than last year in the first quarter of the market performance.

"China government procurement" reporter recently to the Treasury designated government procurement information release media & mdash; & mdash; "China Financial Daily", "China government procurement" and Chinese government procurement network released in the first quarter of LED display public bidding project bid announcement were summarized and analyzed. Statistical results showed that the disclosure of information is used to eliminate unknown procurement projects and not in the above media released announcement of the procurement project bid, 2013 a quarter of government procurement of LED display market complete procurement 40.5 million yuan, compared with $52.59 million in the first quarter of last year, has shrunk significantly, reduced 23%. Among them, this year 1 month LED display purchases for 11.6 million yuan, and last year January 2124 million purchases gap larger, has shrunk nearly half; this year 2 month LED display purchases to 13.02 million yuan, and last February 1285 million yuan purchase volume flat; this year March led display purchases for 15.88 million yuan, below last March 1850 million yuan purchase volume.

for LED display screen purchases of losses to the first quarter of this year, the industry believes that in the first quarter of this year, the procurement of LED display screen and last year first half of the hot performance to form bright contrast, failed to form a continued strong market trend, but rather reflect certain seasonal characteristics. This is not caused by shrinking demand for LED display, the market is still in the development of the rising channel. With the national energy-saving emission reduction policies continue to advance and the promotion of energy conservation strategy in 12th Five-Year, LED display will usher in the outbreak of the procurement period. LED in the first quarter of this year,

display procurement situation, although the purchase market than the same period last year, but also presents a coveted market space and development potential. According to statistics, in the first quarter of 2013, a total of nearly 60 LED display public bidding projects. As can be seen from the list of ten major projects, in the first quarter of the ten major projects listed in the government procurement LED display are more than one million yuan in the bid. Among them, Xiapu, Fujian Grand Theater stage LED screens procurement and installation project and the Fujian Province jinfeng bidding Agency Co., Ltd. LED display procurement projects to 740 million yuan and 617 million yuan ranked in the first quarter of LED display procurement projects the 1 and 2, respectively.

from the procurement unit, sports venues and performance groups, schools, hospitals are still the main force in the procurement of LED display. According to statistics, a quarter of the sports venues and performing groups led display procurement project bid amount of 11.49 million yuan, accounting for LED display procurement amounted to 28% in the first quarter; school led display purchases of 8.88 million yuan, accounted for 22% in the first quarter LED display total purchases. In addition, the hospital LED display procurement projects are also more, but the relatively small amount of the successful bid.

in the procurement of LED display screen, in the bid announcement information disclosure clear LED display type projects, full-color is the maximum amount of procurement type, especially outdoor projects for full color display. Remove not clear display type of the project, a quarter of full-color display procurement amounted to 6 million 570 thousand yuan. And double color, monochrome and other types of procurement is smaller.

Fujian leader in the national LED display

procurement data from the first quarter is not difficult to see that the development of the country's LED screen procurement market is very uneven. Fujian Province in the first quarter to 17.04 million yuan purchase volume in all regions of the country at the forefront of the, to 42.1% accounted for absolute advantage lead the national LED display procurement. From the statistical results found that Fujian reason in a quarter of the LED display procurement distant from other provinces, mainly due to a quarter of the province has two major procurement projects, the successful amounted to 740 million yuan and 617 million yuan become a quarter LED display procurement project superscript Wang.

in a quarter of the LED display procurement, Beijing, Zhejiang, Hubei, Jiangsu and Shandong provinces performance is remarkable, purchase amount were 357 million yuan, 350 million yuan, 186 million yuan, 183 million yuan and 169 million yuan. While the other provinces in the first quarter LED display purchases are relatively small.