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LED for wind again? Europe and the United States, Japan and the two sides active

From: Data:06/08/2016

collocation plant factory LED lighting applications is not a new concept, the giant Philips, OSRAM early in 2-3 years ago had been robbed in equipped with LED light source and the environment control advantages of plant factory market, and Japan in this regard the development and research of also a period of time. Ledinside pointed out that with the gradual maturity of public space, commercial space LED lighting applications, plant factory become industry of Japan and Taiwan, Europe and the United States actively grab into new markets, particularly China's local governments to the plant factory, strategies for the highlights of their performance, also once again attracted the factory Yueyue is about to try, for local government grants.

plant factory technology to benefit from the LED lighting technology is becoming more and more mature

China mainland market has a subsidy business opportunities?

large Chinese market, are expected to use the plant factory so many amazing benefits, early layout subordinate industry, according to China market insiders, the current local government Chinese attitude to plant factory actively, part of the local government has a policy with instructions to promote plant factory as performance highlights, therefore, whether it is LED light source factory, or whole plant export manufacturers, also want to follow the pace of development of the local government, in the standard case, ad hoc projects, actively cut into the market China plant factory, plant and factory China construction is still the leading policy, rather than capacity considerations, but the positive steps of local government, also let the smell of industry subsidies opportunities. The Chinese government previously in the field of MOCVD machines, with generous subsidies for impression profound in control, also let a person hard to ignore this wave of grant opportunities of forming, and watch the opportunity of not only is both sides of industry, including the global led international manufacturers and Japanese manufacturers and traders to early entry.