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Development trend of LED lighting system for green man eating fish

From: Data:06/08/2016

green LED lighting system of the development trend of

now the solar energy eating fish LED lighting system in clear weather the length of time can be set according to user requirements. And for the same location, it has a direct relationship with the selection of solar cell components and battery. Under the premise of determining the power of the light source, the greater the power and the battery capacity of the tear can be, the longer the illumination time is guaranteed, and the vice versa is shortened. System configuration in general should be guaranteed 5 a day lob lighting time. Usually encountered in the continuous rainy weather, should meet the low 2 days (5 days per thousand 10h) lighting time. Lamp is a light source, a power supply, a lamp cover and other accessories assembly and lighting device, it is used to control the light source, the light shines the way, and to protect the light source, lighting tools to improve lighting efficiency. The conventional lighting lamp mainly composed of a casing, the light source cavity, Hugh electric room etc.. The working condition of the light source is ensured because of the sufficient shell space and the sealing installation heat of the activated carbon and the foam silicone rubber. The light source cavity protection grade protection grade IP65, electrical room IP450 ordinary street lamps lighting as long as the guarantee condition of this door, can be made into any shape. The routine road lighting design shoot colorful. Showing a daytime viewing, night guanding scene. The core technology of conventional lighting is the distribution of light efficiency, which depends on the reasonable distribution of the reflector. The reflector is a redistribution of light flux access devices. The light emitted by the light source is reflected by the reflector, which is projected to the desired direction. In order to improve the efficiency, the reflector is made of high reflectivity material. These materials are aluminum, silver plated glass, etc.. There are also the refractive index, lamps and lanterns are often used in the index plate and the two types of lens. Because of the high temperature of the cavity of the light source (the temperature in the cavity is up to 300 degrees, the reflector is easy to produce the aging and metamorphism, and the effect of the distribution of the light effect. The lamps and lanterns of electricity energy efficiency, in terms of 25o w high pressure sodium lamp, the actual transmission power approximately 310W, in order to limit the glare of the requirements, under the light distribution design limitations, the light distribution uniformity of due to differences in design, resulting in waste of large sites of the light, and the formation of light pollution. In addition because of high pressure sodium lamp color limitations, Hugh color difference from the side. And solar 'piranha LED lighting lamps and lanterns available, the light source with long-life characteristics, has the advantages of simple and reasonable light distribution, color temperature variability, color index is high, low voltage and current of power supply of light source with the development trend of high efficiency and energy saving. The development trend of the solar LEE lighting system is that: 1. The photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cell is 143. At present various solar cell conversion efficiency: a single product silicon 24.4%; polysilicon 18.6%; copper indium gallium 18.8%; GaAs (single node) 25.7%; telluride Fu 16.0%; a-Si (single node%); copper key se 14. 1%. Increase system IMi, meet the requirements of high power outdoor lighting. Drop ring cost. Before the mouth, a set of solar energy eating fish LED lighting (full set) the price is common light (full set) several times, affecting the use of solar energy LED lighting lamps. The battery life extension device, thereby prolonging the solar piranha LED lighting system life. The decrease of solar panels, battery volume, beautify the bar. The phasing out of the serious pollution of lead-acid battery, Ni Cd battery. To accelerate the research and development of non pollution battery realize the true meanings of environmental protection. The solar piranha LED lighting after technological progress and lower prices, will become the leading light of the new century.