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The LED lamp has become the development trend of

From: Data:06/08/2016

in recent years in the health needs of residents to upgrade the level of economic income and stimulating the rapid development of the field of equipment in the field of operation room, new equipment, manufacturers increasingly fierce competition.

Draeger will be the launch of the operation room shadowless lamp based on LED technology potential to further promote the competition. The shadowless lamp can provide spectral range and natural light similar to the uniform light, used in surgery and endoscopic surgery, without focus can achieve deep cavity lighting and service life up to 30000 hours, nearly 15 times more than the halogen lamps.

from the technical point of view, the outer diameter of 620mm is Polaris200, a total of 66 LED lights, the maximum brightness can reach 160klux. Polaris100 integration of the Chinese Communist Party has 48 LED lights - diameter and Polaris200 the same - the maximum brightness can reach 120klux. The adjustable light and dark of the two models are 40klux. In the endoscopic surgery, the need for additional LED lights to provide ambient light illumination, and the main lighting will be closed.

each LED lamp is embedded in a special lens reflector system, in order to gather the light beam. The final formation of a uniform beam diameter is 200mm, 750mm can provide the illumination depth (maximum intensity of 60% L1+L2). Polaris100 and Polaris200 can provide deep cavity illumination without the need of repeated focusing adjustment.

in color reproduction, when color is 5600k (quite in at noon when the natural light), and Polaris200 Polaris100 can ensure to provide more realistic contrast and natural color, can let the doctor of anatomical organization obtain the most intuitive understanding, to achieve the accurate diagnosis results. Temperature control, according to the data provided by Draeger, according to its own research and development of its own heat control system, in a long time to work, you can ensure that the lamp temperature is not more than 35 degrees celsius.

in terms of comprehensive strength, Draeger the release of new light breaks through the shackles of the existing product line type is unitary, the update speed lag, with new LED shadowless lamp total elimination of backward products, made no small progress. And new products in the service life, color control, cost control and so have a good performance, the market performance is worth looking forward to.