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An overview of methods for eliminating the failure of

From: Data:06/08/2016

commonly used screening methods to eliminate the failure of LED products, the early failure of the LED product optimization to eliminate, so as to reduce the product into the customer application in the field of failure rate. Also is not only the optimization of the product, is the enterprise optimization to the customer is responsible for a moral performance, according to Mai photoelectric HEG R & D department, eliminate the early failure led products mainly some methods are as follows:

1. electrothermal acceleration fatigue test: in the production of each batch of LED products, according to the provisions of the sampling ratio randomly selected a certain number of samples of defective products in the greater intensity of the electric stress exposed, removed so as to achieve the purpose. Http://

2. life experiment: through the different processes, materials, thousands of thousands of products, or even tens of thousands of hours of tracking observation. Accumulation of data, thus making the "average life expectancy" of the statistical data. Life experiment under the provisions of the general conditions of the environment, the LED added to the rated power, long-term electrical aging, and periodically test its relative photoelectric parameters recorded in comparison to the relevant numerical.

3. environmental test: environmental test is simulated LED in the application of various kinds of natural phenomena encountered in the invasion, test the ability to withstand LED. Generally speaking, environmental tests are not all tests of the production of LED, because some tests are destructive tests, the test samples will produce changes in the appearance of the performance. Can no longer make products factory. Therefore environmental tests using a regular sampling method.