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LED lamp selling point = cost + real green rather than blue + + really long life

From: Data:06/08/2016

Just read an article entitled & ldquo; led to the family is not only the factors of price & rdquo; article, article content is approximately as follows:

in forums around the circle, a lot of friends the LED popularization and not directed against the price factor, solution by the decline in government subsidies and raw material costs, is that right?
I on this point of view does not agree, how to look at the iPhone 4 and 4S, why the price high above the iPhone4 and IPHONE4s will become the arcade? Is it at a low price? I know not, all know that is a kind of fashion and fashionable characterization, in turn, look at our LED products? Why must pursue to the price factor to come up. There is no one to buy Iphone users get the government subsidies, is not it? Why do we always fall into this excuse to jump out of it?
in our thinking, cheap to have the market, in order to ship large, we can make money, and now no matter which supplier to talk about, as long as the price will talk about how much. How much has been ingrained in our minds, why so? Because our products do not have the technical content, can not withstand the test of the value of the market, in the final analysis, or the lack of core technology of our products. A good light source is
LED, now a vast majority of the manufacturers are not found its advantages and characteristics. According to the advantages and features made the corresponding products, which it is no wonder that the great majority of enterprises doing the same product, it is no wonder that price pressure, it is no wonder that market almost saturated. A kind of simple and complex light source is
LED. Some time lit led on into the products, sometimes related to the subject of optical, thermal, biology, mechanics, electronics and so on, compared to our enterprises are only related to the thermal, optical, mechanical,, so blinded by the trivial product design ideas how can make good products? So the price is bound to be the only way to test the product, if you familiar with those principles to the design of LED products, the price is still must first to be considered?
LED industry is lack of talent, lack of optical theory talent, lack of technical personnel, lack of theory for practice of talent, such a talent is too small.

personal point of view is the selling point of the LED lamp = cost + real green rather than blue + + real longevity (quality stability) + consumer recognition. The price of such products can allow consumers to dig into their pockets, it will have to continue to work hard; in addition, a very serious problem, such a blue leakage problem, which let the baby insomnia may things, consumers would dare to use it? Again, has been promoting the number of LED products, how many ten thousand hours, LED really can use so long? Please, LED power supply is better used for a long time, and the light is also a problem. The final point, that is, whether the current LED lamps can be recognized by consumers.