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Factors affecting the stability and life of high power LED street lamp

From: Data:06/08/2016

The stability and lifetime of the

high power LED street lamp mainly by the following aspects decision:

] chip in Europe and America and Japan chip quality and high stability, but the price is high, the domestic price of chip although cheap, but quality and stability have not great enough. In contrast, Taiwan's chip prices are moderate, quality and stability is also the basic standards. Chinese enterprises to lead the popularity of LED street lamps, in the promotion of the early use of Taiwan chip is the best choice.

] package

small power LED lamp generally use the pin package and chip package, but high power street due to the requirement of heat dissipation must the power package. Manufacturers of domestic LED packaging technology differences greatly, and some even do not have package technology and conditions, and purchased directly packaged light and his other parts assembly, technical adaptation of leads to a decrease in the stability of the finished product.

] power

led to low voltage driver and needs constant current drive, the need to re design of LED street lamp of the power supply system. Currently LED power costs accounted for about of the overall cost of the product, the power system does not pass to a large extent will affect the life of the product, can be said that the domestic LED street lamp 70% is out of the power supply. Most domestic LED lamp manufacturers do not have the LED drive power supply R & D capability, and purchasing power also faces component adapter. At the same time, most of the power supply on the market is constant pressure or constant current and constant current. Led street lamp is the best suitable power supply is constant current and constant voltage high voltage power supply. One of the important factors of the cooling effect of

- radiation

led lamp is led street lamp life.

generally uses three kinds of heat dissipation methods: natural convection cooling, forced convection heat dissipation, increase the heat dissipation area. Natural convection heat dissipation is subject to external environmental conditions, forced convection cooling effect is the best, but due to the increase of heat dissipation equipment, so that the stability of the lamp is greatly reduced. At present, LED products are widely used in heat dissipation is to increase the area of heat dissipation, but the disadvantages are also obvious: the impact of cost, increase product weight, the impact of packaging density. To improve the LED heat sink area is obviously not realistic.