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LED lighting products how to achieve a breakthrough in the field of home

From: Data:06/08/2016

I for the LED lamp has a special hobby, recall, time in a hurry, muddle in four or five years ago are still in college, for work still did not have the concept of what, often in the electronic market linger, this habit has continued to the present, even many of my colleagues feel incredible. Electronic market which I always pay attention to feel some strange things, just like in the fog in search for signs of the same feeling, somewhere in that they may have good prospects, so I can not help to pay attention to. LED is one of them, I for the source of LED obsession in the as long as 3.3V you can light, and the brightness is also very impressive, for a period of time I stubborn think LED is the standard of the cold light source, should be no fever, on the grounds that 0.06W kind of straw hat lamp is not hot. After work, once led and missed only in electronic markets something back his play, then just enjoy LED heat dissipation is very serious problem, also witnessed the electronic market, led by the straw hat lamp decorative lighting to lighting changes, imperceptible in LED manufacturers everywhere.

09 I had suggested that the project manager for LED product development, but did not be adopted, did not expect to eventually be able to get involved in the LED industry. After several months of investigation and research and development, I have a LED product with the majority of the company's different ideas, and gradually deviated from the public track. Especially at this time, I have been looking for a representative of the works, only a pity, with the more the more, the more I feel naive. So today here only slightly talk about my views on LED products. In the electronic engineering album there are many companies or engineers to talk about how to do the LED product, how to design a longer life, lower prices, consumers need what kind of products, how efficient and so on. My thoughts are just different! In fact, with many excellent engineers to communicate results are very superficial, so speak generally. The buyer and the seller of a product marketing must first understand the buyer and the seller, of course, this is not an absolute distinction, the role of the buyer and the seller is can be transformed, the seller of a terminal product is the raw material of the buyer. Therefore, to determine their own role — — the role of a certain transaction — — to maximize their own interests is very necessary. The buyer needs and the seller needs to determine the role of the foundation, in order to achieve the maximization of benefits, it is to understand the needs of their roles. As a seller, the demand is naturally to make their products sell well, as far as possible profit; and as a relative to the buyer, the demand may be varied, may also focus on a certain direction. But the core is to meet their own needs. Buyer's market and seller's market is not the market of buyers and sellers in economics. It is only borrowed from the literal meaning, that is, the market is the buyer or the seller! Perhaps some friends do not understand, the buyer can have what the dominant power? Has not always been able to make products to the buyer, the buyer to buy it? In fact is not the way, a normal market, a good company is the first to do is to recognize the buyer's market. Because product development is for the user and the development of, if you want to good to sell, must be the buyer as the dominant, the products comply with the buyer's interests and needs, and resolutely not their own R & D products, free to the buyer to buy or oppressed the buyer to buy, this company is very vulnerable to affected by the impact of bankruptcy. Example: 1 state-owned enterprises bankruptcy, this is a very good reason. Before state-owned enterprise products is completely ignored the individual needs of users, cloth, pots and pans pattern and after the reform and opening up to the outside world suffered a great impact, in a very short time in large quantities of goods unsalable and bankruptcy. Of course, some people think that it is a planned economy. 2 shake the dominance of NOKIA. After a few years in the cottage machine using touch screen, NOKIA still insist on their products. In recent years, NOKIA's products have been not optimistic about the product, the product in addition to the performance of a good point, looks changed, it seems that there is no new. After Apple launched its own iPhone, quickly swept the world, its operating mode by a variety of companies to imitate, similar products quickly appear in the streets, and NOKIA seems to be very slow. 3. Nestle coffee than ordinary hand grinding coffee taste better, however, the initial to taste as advertising unpopular, because the housewife that Nestle is lazy, so Nestle coffee to the forefront as a selling point, rapid success. What does the buyer need? The above content is only to show two points: 1 the buyer's market is necessary, but also very important. 2 it is necessary to find or guide the right buyer's needs, and the other is to enhance the user experience. The success of a company's products, is not whether Hyun, whether fancy, but in whether the user is like, indeed some fancy may be in order to attract users. However, China has a saying: overkill. Ignore the focus of fancy is bound to fall. For example recently popular flavoring notebooks, netbooks, a not too much emphasis on a is not practical (according to the main purpose of the users to buy products) of the product characteristics, and were eventually users ignore desalination. Shenzhen Internet enterprise bankruptcy night countless, to reproduce the original MP3 manufacturers fled the scene. Then talk about iPhone success, 07 years ago have who would have thought that the mobile phone can also be used in such a way that use fingers to draw what has been done, also can flip, swing? Iphone appear later, could not help feeling, the phone really can be like this. There are many factors in the success of Iphone, but one of the most important factors must be: user experience. Iphone is called the best use of the phone is not without reason. However, before the iPhone without this mode of operation, but Apple sees that people need, this approach and Nestle propaganda fashion, users need such experience, but no, just waiting for you to discover. It is found rather than the experiment that it seems to go a bit far away, and now back to talk about how LED products in the home area to achieve a breakthrough. If you want to get out of the way, the first engineer to design products to considerate thinking & mdash; & mdash; this product I will not use. Dig oneself to love their children's psychological, a consistent with the concept of the use of ordinary consumers is a good product. So there are two way to go, there is a ready to use the habit to undertake, if consumers do not have the concept of consumption should be guided and cultured. Nestle is the second way to success, it seems that the LED industry is also to guide consumers, but I particularly stressed that the discovery is not an experiment. Nestle found a consumer would care, recognition of the product characteristics, go is course of buyer's market, and can be received by consumers welcome; at the same time, LED product publicity is floating from the consumer groups vendor (seller) propaganda, completely ignoring the needs of users, is standard of a seller's market. In particular, so now LED manufacturers tangled, into the misunderstanding is that LED products are very energy-efficient, why consumers do not buy? Why do consumers want to buy? What is the buyer's demand? (domestic market) I'm not & ldquo; foreigners & rdquo; no way comments like Europe that enthusiasm for environmental protection pursuit, cannot be assessed the promotion of Japanese statutory market led, only based on the domestic market, to the point of view of a common citizen to demand. As an ordinary consumer, for the PF value, for efficiency, light effect, lm/W and so on are not clear, so these are almost no sense of publicity, of course, there is still a certain effect of the contrast propaganda effect. When I saw some engineers wrote: pf consumer demand for higher value products such words, I could not help laughing, in the Chinese market said such words like went to the countryside to promote tissue as, completely ignore the consumer concept (there is no slander people think, I was rural people). In addition, the most important is the PF value to consumers without any relationship, is a very positive significance to the national grid. Source: