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The application of comparative advantage 2835, 3014 and 3528 LED lamp lamp?

From: Data:06/08/2016

So: radiation difference between

1. because 3528 beads is through a wire to conduct heat to the anode pin up, so cooling of 3528 beads can also be referred to as & ldquo; negative heat & rdquo;;

2. and 2835, lamp bead 3014 is through in lamp bracket punching and installed on the thermal conductive sheet, the chip heat is directly conducted to the aluminum substrate.
and 3528 cooling way to distinguish, the cooling way also known as & ldquo; thermoelectric separation & rdquo; that means heat and current not by the same root
of wire to transmission. Below is 3014 and 2835 physical picture:

2. 2835, 3014 in the market to replace 3528 main reason: 1. Because of their package structure is not the same, better heat dissipation performance, 30mA of current in the normal (the normal understanding).
2. deep reasons, 2835, 3014 to control the cost better, too tricky, unknown? Look down!

three: 3528 source:
1.LED lamp 3528 benefits can now be done 7-8lm, single lamp power is 0.0625w, between the market price excluding tax 0.10~0.13 yuan (with the LED chip size, is not the same level, decided the price is not the same; such as chip with A products, B products, product project, is also 7-8LM the brightness, quality is not the same, the price is certainly not the same); so, now determine the source quality, not like before, just look at the brightness of LED, but also depends on the LED chip level, A products, B project products or goods, defective light quality, not all of a sudden can be seen, manufacturers dare to use, is not easy to understand everyone needs time to prove the quality difference, 3528;
2. lamp used for a long time, production process, quality is relatively stable, brightness is 7-8LM, the main cost is Relatively high point, because the number of small 0.0625W only W single, to use the number to make up the number of W.

four: 2835 and 3014 LED light source benefits:
1. power chip and small power chip price difference has gradually narrowed, the price difference is not too large.
2. 2835 and 3014 brightness are: 10~12lm single beads about 0.1W, 30mA drive, at present market price not containing tax: 0.10-0.17 yuan between, see this, you may have a lot of questions and 2835 and 3014 why are the same brightness 10-12LM. Different factory production, the price will vary so much, sell 100 yuan /K? , also have to sell 170 yuan /K? A difference of 70 yuan price difference. We have done 9 years of LED light source package, one reason, in fact, very simple, nothing more than the cost of the chip is not the same, the price is not the same as the natural. Now a lot of factories in the market for vicious competition, the price war, a taste of “ save ” cost, a man, doing things really less conscience. I come to explain where the cost of the difference:

why the use of different chips 2835 or 3014 can do 10-12LM brightness? 0.1W
1. in the power chip, with 30mA driver, the normal brightness is about 11-12LM (12*28mil, 12*24mil 9*26mil and other 0.1W chips), in accordance with the requirements of the use of the chip, the quality is guaranteed. Small power chip

2. 0.0625W, driven by 30mA, brightness is also can be reached about 9-12LM (chip for use: had a desktop footprint of 10 by 16. 10*18, 9*21mil, 10*23mil) but the brightness of the is on current to push up, and chip is not the normal work of the brightness and the several chip, strictly speaking, can only be driven by the highest 20mA. But now some bad factory household 30mA drive is a kind of very irresponsible practices, they think 28353014 support better heat dissipation, not afraid of! LED decay? It is a year or so later, I plant can survive? Are not clear, as well as others die, die! Cost can save a lot, this is the main reason!

3528 tube applications in the LED lamp cost comparison, such as T8 1.2 meters 18W LED lamp:

use 3528:
18W÷ teeth 0.0625W/288, calculated according to the brightness of a light source: 288 teeth *7LM=2016LM

source cost: 288 teeth *0.12 /Star = 38 yuan written using 2835, 3014:

18W÷ teeth 0.1W/= 180 star (but now on the market, the same is 18W LED lamp, the use of 3528, the number of lamp bead 3014 difference greatly, useful 120 stars, 144 teeth, 168 teeth, 172 teeth, 180 teeth and so on... Same LED lamp power are 18W, the different point is
2835 or 3014 lights the number of beads (120-180 star) plant materials vary greatly, Jerry just how much) 2835, 3014 and 3528 beads used in LED lamp price advantage than the written plan, write here, compared not found! And there is no way to compare, because the factory of the chip quality of materials, the light bulb number of materials is uneven, there is no comparison, as we now
LED lamp tube market chaos! From the price analysis, the so-called experts, want to see clearly, it is not so easy, why a T8 1.2 meters LED 18W lamp, the market has 45 yuan /branch, there are 70 yuan /branch, 100 yuan /branch, 130 yuan /branch... Without language...

2835:18W÷ 0.1=180, we number 2835 is 168Pcs, LED bulb is insufficient, and suspected of stealing material, but not the high current drive 2835 to adequate push 18W, light source brightness computing: compared to 168 teeth *11LM=1848LM and 3528 beads 2016LM, brightness partial less the point. Light source costs: 168 *0.16 yuan /=27 yuan, a single T8 1.2 meters 18W lamp light source costs less than 11 yuan.

to sum up, a penny, a part of the goods, you have your truth, flat reasons, 2835 or 3014 can not replace the 35283528 can not overcome
2835 or 3014, so that the market to decide! Let the guests decide! Time will be the best proof!