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Long term experience in LED lighting industry

From: Data:06/08/2016

actually this is my long time on the LED lighting industry some of the experience, but also some of the analysis. Although I am a list, but the list is made larger. And I took the first few big list is used in the country, I later began to consider these issues, as well as some colleagues and friends of the discussion, so as to draw the conclusion. In fact, do not question the current LED lighting the largest application market in mainland China, the analysis of several points for your reference!

1.LED lighting in China's propaganda is the biggest, can be said to be unprecedented and proved. A product sales volume and publicizing degree is a great relationship. In foreign countries, LED lighting has never been so advertised, so many people do not know, do not use.

2. we all believe that the Chinese people's income is low, can not afford to consume LED lighting. In fact, the majority of Chinese people are poor, but in China, there are 5%-10% people, can be said to be more than Dou Fu, the Americans are rich. And now the government vigorously promote LED lighting, the government is very rich, the Chinese government consumption of LED lamps, which is not a country's people can match the. Facts prove that LED lighting is now a larger list of basic from the Chinese government! Or government related departments, not private money anyway.

3. some silly ratio, every day, cried the outside, to do foreign markets that foreign that piece of cake is so big, as everyone knows, foreign multinationals are envy China led lighting market this big fat. CREE all said, they all went to China to grab the market, because China has ten city million plan, foreigners have a fancy to the mainland this fat, because it has a corrupt and unrealistic ZCD.

4. the fact that foreigners do not earn money more than Chinese people. This is determined by the consumer psychology. Foreigners to buy LED lighting, LED lighting is considered how much electricity, the number of years to recover the cost of this practical problem. And the Chinese people buy LED lighting lamps, to buy is the concept of LED lighting, as long as it is LED on the line. This is because the Chinese people, like to engage in face saving projects, coupled with the intensity of China's LED lighting propaganda so that the market is naturally the largest. Whether it is the government, or the people, the LED lighting is fanatical. Light investment size of a year how many hundred million.
on the power supply problem. If your lamp is the large volume shipments, the sale price of 100 yuan or more, non isolated with caution. Non isolation program, suitable for the situation, at least to meet the two, one indoor lighting, two is smaller shipments, on a thousand are very difficult to ensure that. Otherwise it will make the surge voltage hit the lake tu!