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Now the LED bulb lamp shade series of problems

From: Data:06/08/2016

So the final transmittance or fragile

now led bulb lamp shade, there are a series of issues 1, glass lampshade;
2, transparent PC and matte shade, light transmission rate is low (only 80-89%) and can see the point light source of defects;
3, transparent PC with edge of rib aakre toner low (only 80-89%) and can see the point light source of defects;
in the United States Department of energy released LED light energy star standard version and the United States UL certification, security is very strict requirements, then led glass lampshade accidentally fall easily broken and the emergence of problem of electric shock, security can not guarantee certification pass. Light effect is very strict, then choose high transmittance of the lampshade is an inevitable choice, but also to prevent glare, so less than a point light source (spot) is very critical.
qualified LED lamp features:
1, with high light transmittance, high diffusion, no glare, no light;
2, hidden light source of excellent (effectively adjust the diffusion and the transmittance, under the premise of the beads and the transmittance reaches the maximum);
3, light transmission rate of 94%;
4, with high flame retardancy;
5, with high impact strength;
6, suitable for the use of LED lighting;
7, to achieve the point light source is transformed into spherical luminous.