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Classification method of LED chip

From: Data:07/08/2016

LED wafer of classification of method (this is hard to find)
A-level goods:
ESD MM-> 100V, IV>. 5MW; can be used as lighting; each piece can be cut 40*40mil
2000 teeth; sorting after 1500 diamonds can be used; every single cost: USD (50.27+24.67) /1500=0.05/teeth; price USD0.3/star.
B grade:
ESD MM-> 50V, IV>. 5MW; can be used as a backlight display; each piece can be cut 11*13mil
25000 teeth; sorting 20000 pieces can be used; the cost of each Kpcs: USD (50.27+24.67) /20Kpcs=3.75/Kpcs; price USD10/Kpcs.

C grade products:
IV> 3mW; can be used as a general; each piece can be cut 11*9mil
30000 stars; each Kpcs cost: USD (50.27+24.67) /30Kpcs=2.5/Kpcs; price USD

regular grid square piece:
is the production plant selected: brightness, voltage, anti-static ability, color is in the same standard range of!
wafer: refers to has not been selected: brightness difference between the large, large voltage fluctuations, antistatic ability of inconsistent, run wavelength (color).

pig: circle the poor have, the biggest characteristic is what color, not just simple wavelength span!

regular square slice A: is completely selected, and guaranteed quantity.
regular square piece B: refers to the number of non guaranteed but after the selection.
A> put the regular party piece; regular B> wafer; > > pig; crystal powder.

wafer is not selected, but will not (made of pieces of epitaxial chip) around the part removed

chip is how come?

epitaxial film production process is very complex and long finish epitaxial wafer, then in each wafer random nine test, conform to the

requirements is good quality and other defective products (voltage deviation, wavelength offset short or relatively long). Good quality epitaxial films to open

do electrode (P, n), then use laser cutting wafer, then percent percent picked up, according to the different voltage, wavelength,

brightness were fully automated sorting, also is the formation of LED chip (). And then also in the visual, to a point defect or electric

very worn, sorting out. These are behind the powder crystal. At this time in the blue film does not meet the requirements of the normal shipment of the wafer,

naturally become a side piece or a piece of hair, etc.. Poor quality epitaxial films (mainly with some parameters did not meet the requirements), need not to do the film side,

directly electrode (P, n), also do check is currently on the market LED wafer (there is also a good thing.

such as the film side, and so on).