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Factors affecting the price of LED Displays

From: Data:07/08/2016

photoelectric technology continues to develop, Displays LED varieties also began to increase, the price war gradually diffuse, increasingly fierce competition, the manufacturers that the LED Displays Indoor offer is not the same. Understanding of LED display industry all know, has many factors restricting indoor LED displays price: like indoor LED display specifications, material supporting system and construction factors and so on, no determinants of price. Why do these factors affect the price of LED Displays Indoor?
A, specifications of indoor LED displays the price impact:
from color indoor LED displays can divided into single color, double color, full-color, the situation can be divided into indoor, outdoor, semi outdoor, each kind of specification of LED display prices are not the same, outdoor LED displays and SMD full-color, surface mount a full-color, dot matrix full-color, outdoor full-color points for 1R1G1B (as usual for high density, such as: PH10, pH12), 2R1G1B (as usual for high density, such as PH16 and PH20).
two, the material on the LED Displays Indoor price impact:
material from the major categories up points, can be divided into import materials and domestic materials.
in terms of light-emitting chip, the source of the entrance are: the United States, Japan, Taiwan, and now there are sectors of domestic chip. Each light emitting chip has its own advantages and disadvantages. The United States and Japan chip, because of its ability to grasp the focus of the focus of the skills, under the control of a similar scene, the United States, Japan chip prices remain high. Taiwan and local chip prices compared to self-control, but its performance compared to the United States, Japan, or there is a certain gap. If indoor LED displays are used in relatively tight situation, we still recommend use material inlet is relatively good; in addition to the chip of LED display, the critical factors in any indoor LED displays price is led driver IC, nothing more than if I were customers willing I would rather choose a relatively good driver IC, because of it although the price is a little high, but the driver IC is very urgent factor influence LESIndoor LED display quality and life, full-color indoor LED displays the time must be with constant voltage and constant current driver IC; other materials such as power supply, a box body, and the production of indoor LED displays all kinds of parts.