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LED control card market status

From: Data:07/08/2016

2012 with the entire LED industry to accelerate the pace of development, more and more LED display. Southern China area on Shenzhen, the size of the enterprise has more than 2000. Other Chau Ming, Alto, retop, built since Needless to say, small businesses are innumerable. Now the industry full-color display prices more transparent, some manufacturers directly to price released to the site, passing by oneself look after, can accept buy, can not accept please pass by.

with the display screen, led a large number of accessories manufacturers. Including, for example, LED control system, synchronization control system since Needless to say, Ling Xingyu, Nova, kallet, respectively, on behalf of the public, high-end, low-end market, other manufacturers to survive. Asynchronous system is currently the market share is very small. What is the reason for this? This analysis mainly has the following several reasons: a traditional full-color asynchronous control system with load small, can take 320*512 and performance of the two cannot, low gray scale, low refresh. Three play HD video can not be hard to decode, play is not smooth. The above three points lead to full color asynchronism card have not occupied the terminal market. Whether this result can be solved.

2013 finally ushered in the good news - asynchronous control system. Shenzhen Bai totex science and technology limited company launched 1 asynchronous control card can solve the above three problems of asynchronous card. Asynchronous mode effect and synchronization system of high-end products, neck and neck. Too incredible, how to prove it. Shenzhen Bai totex sales engineers to use facts to prove that he is the real. Bai Tesi go to any home screen factory equipped with single copy camera. Asynchronous loading cassette display and synchronous cards in a variety of parameters under the condition of the same photo is really hard to compete. This is a false impression, or the fact that it is. Please pay attention to the following article!