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WIFI too OUT, LIFI LED light will be able to access

From: Data:07/08/2016


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want to surf the Internet, to light. Such a life may not far away from us, but Internet and light have what relation? This is optical communication needs to solve, such as the "core" of lighting can be in the light and transmission design space.

"LED optical wireless communication is through the LED lighting lamps and lanterns transfer data information, the location information of position signal with propellant, solve wireless spread spectrum communication and positioning service problems are not available in the microwave transmission constrained area of." "That is, the light emitted by the LED instead of WIFI to achieve data, video image transmission."

, Professor HaraldHaas of the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, more than a year of TED global open class, the use of a LED lamp to send a flower in full bloom of video, to show the world the possibility of visible light transmission. Using radio waves to transmit data, HaraldHaas compares the spectrum of visible light, which can be ten thousand times as much as that of a radio wave.

then how can to this part of the visible light is applied to a transmission? Answer is led, haraldhaas introduction, because such as compared with that of the ordinary incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, more sensitive characteristics, to high speed, adjust the brightness. He further introduced in the open class, the application of infrared remote control in the transmission of simple, low speed data streams, 100 thousand data streams per second, which is far from the internet.

what he is doing is the development of a new technology, with visible light transmission of greater flow of data flows, such as he demonstrated in the video, which for the brightness of a lamp, only very weak. Let the optical transmission has become possible to LIFI. Imagine, Dongguan all replaced LED street lights, more and more home use LED, this kind of lighting in addition to energy saving, but also allows people to enjoy the light of the local information services.

R & D industry

"visible light communication using the LED chip, it should be a simple lighting of the chip is not the same, need to re design and modification." Deep Wright photoelectric deputy general manager Shi Guangdian expected, visible light communication and perhaps will bring new demands of the new situation and market LE D.

actually such a communication way, as early as 2000, there have been Japanese scientists for analysis and research. However, according to the China Semiconductor Industry Association IC involved branch chairman, Wei Shaojun, director of the Institute of microelectronics, Tsinghua University, the project in the world belongs to the new field, China is under development stage, from industrialization and days, in turn, and very many hills wait occupation.

the project application in Municipal Industry and LED optical communication products can be for traffic grooming, positioning; in the automotive industry, LED optical communication products can be used for car meeting lamp between communication, vehicle collision avoidance, driver assistance; in the communications industry, available for alternative WiFi wireless communication and so on. LED "

wireless optical communication will greatly enhance the value of E D L lighting industry technology. Conservative estimates, each industry will at least pull billions of dollars of market." At present, Tsinghua has been carried out on the LED visible light positioning system and communication system technology research and development, and the composition of the joint declaration of 2013 Guangdong Province, the special funds for research cooperation projects.

LiFi: visible light wireless communication

visible light wireless communication (called Light - Fidelity LiFi) is the use of fast optical pulse wireless transmission of information, and now it is ready to compete with WiFi. It is feasible to encode information in light according to different rates. For example, LED is open to 1, which means 0, and the information can be transmitted through a fast switch. Due to the luminous intensity of LED, the human eye will not notice the rapid change of light LiFi technology is still in the laboratory stage, a patent technology invented by the team of Haas and his team at University of Edinburgh. The electric light bulb has long been regarded as the symbol of the inspiration of the inventor's dream. With optical fiber communication has the same advantages, high bandwidth, high speed, the difference is that LiFi is the light to spread in the environment around us, the natural light energy to reach any place, there is LiFi signal. LiFi technology is the use of laying good equipment (ubiquitous lighting), as long as in the lighting implanted a tiny chip, can become the similar equipment in the AP (WiFi hotspots), terminal at any time to access the network. This is a bit like the European invention ADSL technology, as well as the existing equipment, the full use of frequency band resources, make it now surfing the Internet has become a part of ordinary family life.

by the ordinary LED light bulb to add a micro chip, so that the bulb at a very fast speed flicker, you can use the light bulb to send data. And the flicker frequency of the light bulb is up to millions of times per second. In this way, LED bulbs can quickly transmit binary encoding. But for the naked eye, such a flicker is not visible, and only the photosensitive receiver can detect. This is similar to the Morse code sent through the torch, but the speed is faster, and the use of the computer can understand the alphabet. Using a standard LED lighting lamp, the research team created by Haas and his colleague Gordon Povey has reached a two meter distance of 130 Mega bits per second transmission speed. With the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp gradually withdraw from the market and be replaced by LED, the future of any bright place can be a potential source of LiFi data transmission. Imagine this scenario: in the street, the street lamp can download movies; at home, open the table lamp can download songs; in the restaurant, sit in a light place can send microblogging; even under water, so long as the light irradiation can surf the Internet. Another great benefit of LiFi is that it can be used on any radio sensitive occasion, such as an airplane, a operation room, and so on.

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