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From: Data:07/08/2016

with the social science and technology progress as well as the people of ornamental requirements increase, the single form of the traditional stage effect has been unable to meet audience demand; and colorful, multi-faceted screen LED display because of its numerous advantages completely cater to the demands of today's choreography. LED display is a perfect combination of technology and media, it can put fantasy, science and technology, trend, fashion concept drippings sends show, can make no apology for having become the new force in choreography.

1990 began in, LED display screen began to dance which, after a few years, LED display towards the Spring Festival Gala, and gradually plays an important role in the market. Especially in the 2012 and the 2013 Spring Festival evening show, the LED display stage has received wide attention and warm pursuit. Especially from the 2008 Olympic Games, to 10 Expo 2012 Spring Festival Gala, LED display in the background of the stage is applied more and more public recognition and favor. Since then, almost regardless of the size of the party, LED display will fully unveiled. Especially in large activity, the vagaries of the stunning effect, now in held all kinds of parties, rental LED display become purchase hot stage equipment. Generalized choreography consists basically of scenery, lighting, sound, makeup, costumes, props and other; narrow the choreography is refers to the stage of the visual presentation, generally include stage structures, LED display screen, computer lights, multimedia and so on, and among them, full-color LED display occupy the important position, is the core part of the choreography. Show the

Qingzhou, Weifang television 200 square meters and full-color P6/P12.5LED display cases in the 1990s in the world with the rapid development of new information display media is display

LED choreography. It use composed of light emitting diode lattice module or pixel unit consisting of a large area display screen, combines microelectronics, optics, computer and information processing many modern high technology, with environmental adaptation ability, high energy-saving, long service life, changeable illusion, environmental protection, Gao Xinjian and so on a series of advantages. LED electronic display not only high image brightness, contrast large, brightly colored and display dynamic picture, text and video, it has high brightness, high range resolution, even at 100 meters away, visual effects with at home watching TV, has been widely used in the flow of people and more public places, roads, stage performances and other.

today have a high refresh, high-definition, high gray scale LED screen can not only to meet the small stage performances of demand, the same also applies to major sports events, major party needs photography and camera occasions. With the development of LED technology, stage design and improvement of the people appreciate the vision of that led full-color display will have more applications in the future stage choreography.