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Development history and future direction of outdoor LED advertising display

From: Data:07/08/2016

is currently working toward higher brightness, higher resistance to climate, environmental protection and energy saving and emission density, homogeneous luminescence, full color development of outdoor advertising LED display, has gradually replaced the traditional advertising media, and become today's outdoor media darling. Outdoor LED electronic screen has become the trend of the development of the advertising industry in twenty-first Century and the trend is to have audio and video functions of the home and outside advertising display equipment, is an international leader in high-tech products.

outdoor advertising LED display device not only the appearance is novel and unique, the area can be adjusted freely, can play audio and video, animation, advertising programs and four can also install fixed light box advertising, and more easy to attract people's eyeballs. The development of outdoor LED display to today has experienced following a stage of development:

P7.62LED full-color display cases show