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LED Display Indoor to seize the opportunity to respond to the challenges of

From: Data:07/08/2016

with the rapid development of modern imaging technology, in the stage show, the use of LED Display Indoor stage activities have been common. In foreign countries, the Czech choreography Svoboda to use image stage building known, his use of the image has reached beyond the reach of the peak.
now in the domestic stage performance in the use of LED Display Indoor has been very frequent. It's performance is very rich can simulate the real, natural reproduction. Also can appear the effect image, but also can be used to show information, etc.. It has unmatched by traditional background flexibility and virtuality, and lighting system with part of the light source, such as indoor LED display is using light-emitting diode (LED) production, through the light source performance simulation appear different forms of a real space form, can the effect of light light effects. It conveys the information has been very difficult to use the traditional scenery or lighting to define it, like computer lights playing patterns on the LED canopy shape effect, with similar characteristics, there is no new terms to describe it, tentatively called "spectacle" it.
in the early stage of the stage performances. LED Display Indoor is the first as a display of video information, mainly to synchronize video images. In that stage, the stage workers and not included in the dance category, just because of the video image display and there, but with the disappearance of the fresh feeling, for we audience has formed a aesthetic fatigue, when such usage performances in the domestic in has been flooded. Changes with the development of communication performance, the stage workers performance concept, this situation has been significantly improved, and in some performances, indoor LED display has stage art as a very important elements appeared.
audience obtained from the image information is far greater than the physical carrier of traditional dance beautiful scenery and lighting and other mechanical performance information. In the image, not what we see is just imaging equipment to simulate the various effects, it bring us into the scope, we can and does not necessarily is arm, can also be thinking, consciousness, ideas or is some other abstract concepts, can know. In the show, the big screen appears to match the performance of the picture, instead of the set function.
but it is a virtual picture by the imaging equipment created out, it gives us the space of imagination, it is more real than the atmosphere. The traditional stage sets is the structure of the specific material, has a visible external style, to the audience to feel like real. And the image of the image is between realistic and freehand, with a real and specific virtual image to express the intention. According to the content and meaning of the program, the image is extracted and selected to represent, which not only brings new aesthetic enjoyment to the audience, but also forms a new aesthetic expectation and aesthetic association. In domestic performances and indiscriminate use of imaging equipment, image using free from the program of the plot, is meaningless Fletcher, picture the scene without superposition control, etc. it brings us not pleasing to the eye, but disorganized. It ignores the interactive thinking of the audience, not the formation of effective feedback, resulting in our aesthetic fatigue and visual pollution. This is particularly worth the attention of video workers. LED Display
Indoor seize the opportunity to respond to the challenge, I believe that in 2013, LED Display Indoor will usher in a new development space.