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LED fluorescent lamp - eight advantages

From: Data:07/08/2016

led fluorescent lamps - the scope of application of

the eight major advantages

1, environmental protection lamp, protective earth
traditional fluorescent lamps containing a large amount of mercury vapor, if broken mercury vapor will evaporate into the atmosphere. But LED fluorescent lamps are not using mercury, and LED products do not contain lead, to play a protective role in the environment. LED daylight lamp is recognized as the twenty-first Century green lighting.
2, high efficiency conversion, reduce the heat
traditional lamps will produce a lot of heat energy, and LED lamps is the power of all converted into light energy, will not cause the waste of energy. But for the file, clothing will not fade.
3, comfortable and quiet, no noise
LED lighting does not produce noise, for the use of sophisticated electronic equipment a excellent choice for the occasion. Suitable for libraries, offices and the like.
4, light and soft, protect eyes
traditional fluorescent lamp using AC, so every second will produce stroboscopic 100-120 times. LED lighting is the direct conversion of AC to DC, will not produce flicker, protect the eyes.
5, no UV, no mosquito
LED lamps will not produce ultraviolet light, so it will not be like the traditional lighting, there are a lot of mosquitoes around the light source. Indoor will become more clean and clean. Fluorescent lamp 80V245V
traditional is released through the rectifier high voltage to light up the

6, voltage, when the voltage drop is not lit. And LED lamp within a certain range of voltage can be lit and could adjust the brightness.
7, saving energy, longer life
LED fluorescent lamp power consumption is below one third of the traditional fluorescent lamp, life is a traditional fluorescent lamp 10 times can be used for a long time without replacement, and reduce labor costs. Is more suitable for the occasion of the difficult to replace.
8, strong and reliable, long-term use of.
LED light body itself is the use of epoxy resin instead of the traditional glass, more solid and reliable, even if hit on the floor LED is not easily damaged, you can rest assured that the use of