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High power white LED high symmetrical flow parallel power supply system (two)

From: Data:07/08/2016

3 results in the experimental data analysis of

3. 1 high power white LED and high symmetrical flow parallel power supply system of the integrated LED (rated current 750 Ma, rated voltage 4. 0 V) to do the driving test and performance test, the LED photo as shown in Figure 4. Will power supply system with parallel high power white light, high power white LED, data coding module, Bias-Tee coupling module and key /indicator for system integration, development of both lighting and communication dual function of communication apparatus (Figure 4b). Using the device, for a given power supply system with parallel experiments were carried out.

3. 2 lighting state flow characteristic experiment

definition of the output voltage error

which U0, exp for the experimental measured output voltage, U0, the for the theory of the output voltage. Compared to define two branch current deviation

by Table 1 shows the measured voltage and the setting value, and 3 times of measurement error is less than 2%, the deviation of the two branch current is less than 1%, achieve good voltage and current sharing effect.

3.3 lighting state of the power efficiency of the experimental

definition of the efficiency of the power supply for the

which Ii and Ui respectively the input voltage and input current of the system. The circuit input voltage, input current, output voltage and output current are measured respectively with 3 kinds of driving conditions shown in Table 1. The power supply efficiency is calculated, and the results are shown in Table 2. When the power supply output voltage is small, the efficiency of the power supply is small, when the output voltage increases, the power efficiency increases, up to more than 80%.

. Visible light communication state output voltage linearity test

3. 5 dynamic response test

3. 6 comparative discussion

, however, the /DC DC branches in the two branches work alternately, and the power of each branch is only half of the single branch. Because the life of the device is related to the dissipation power, and the power is larger, the life span is shorter, so the service life of the double branch power supply system is longer than that of single branch power supply system in the normal working mode.

4 Conclusion