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LED outdoor advertising screen how to display pictures (original)

From: Data:07/08/2016


outdoor advertising screen is installed in the outdoor significant position of the display, such as the small display, outdoor store signs screen, the railway station installed LED display and bus on the display screen. Used for publishing and dissemination of advertising content and public information. Some LED outdoor advertising company operators, for advertising is more beautiful and attractive to the eye, in the LED control card software cloth background and publish pictures, Xiaomei today and you share the wireless GPRS control card backstage software operation how to insert picture. The first step of
editing: prepare a piece to do advertising pictures, picture format is BMP

; the second step: open the LGSV3.954 wireless card control software platform, as shown below:


third step: click on the picture file, find the correct picture storage location, and then insert the

fourth step: Preview display, detection. Ok you can release information: how to

, Xiaomei operation again is not very simple and drawings just a example of the role, display size for the sample set is 384*64 pixel then if it is in the whole region showed the picture, you'll have a picture production for 384*64 pixels. If it is a small part of the partition, then according to the actual situation of production. Picture size beyond the scope, LED control card editing software can be seen, but released to the display, the display does not come out. If the picture size is smaller, may display the display effect is not so beautiful. How, heart, and quickly make a bar.